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Does Anybody Else See the Resembelance? October 9, 2011

Posted by Wilhelm Arcturus in entertainment, Facebook.
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Every time the little “recruit your friends” request comes up in Empires & Allies, the picture that comes with it…

… makes me think, “I really don’t know Gabe Newell.”

I mean, the resemblance isn’t exact or anything.

But I cannot help wonder if somebody at Zynga is having a little joke.


1. scotth - October 9, 2011

It looks more like Michael Moore to me.


2. Jeremy - October 9, 2011

I was thinking Michael Moore as well..lol


3. Wilhelm Arcturus - October 9, 2011

Well, Michael Moore is a bit more well known I’d say. But he is usually unshaven and wearing a baseball cap. But I am not sure I could tell the difference between him and Gabe Newell if he were clean shaven.


4. Ravious - October 9, 2011

I thought Gabe Newell as soon as I saw the pic. Michael Moore has that neckbeard, cave troll kind of look to me.


5. Bronte - October 10, 2011

Oh its exact enough! Maybe they just want Gabe to play?


6. Caesar - October 11, 2011

I’d say a blend of Peter Griffin (in the chin department) along with Gabe, and a slight Michael Moore element.


7. Wilhelm Arcturus - October 11, 2011

Judging from the outbound traffic, about 50 more people in the world know who Gabe Newell is now. I think my work here is done.


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