The Wait is Over… For Some…

A bunch of very happy people got this message in their email.  They can start playing Star Wars: The Old Republic today.  A list of servers await them, or one server if their guild has been assigned.

Early Access Invite

I hope nobody missed out because they sent one to me.  Sorry!

And, on a tangential note, I hope EA and BioWare have a lot of authenticators lined up to sell and can get them in the EA store soon.  Judging from my Google traffic, a lot of people want one.  SWTOR authenticator, and variations thereof, lead my search engine traffic by a wide margin.

7 responses to “The Wait is Over… For Some…

  1. I havent gotten the invite today, but my friends did, which is kind of annoying since we plan on playing together. I was really looking forward to the game until I played the beta. Now I am still looking forward to playing, but not as much as I once was.

  2. I suppose I could actually download the client, log in, and create a character to secure my name. Not that I have a Star Wars name I am sold on.

    My pre-order was cancelled (by me) but I had already entered the code, so I get early access but can’t/won’t play once the game goes live… at least not until we’re done with Rift I would guess.

    No wonder they declined to allow a grace period, what with people like me about.

  3. I still haven’t received an email invite, but I logged in about 5 hours ago and reserved some names. They’re just names I re-used from other games, not necessarily “Star Wars” names, but if I want them, I’ve got them.

  4. In yet another BW fail, it was announced that you didn’t have to wait for the email, you could log in immediately without it. I say fail because this was “announced” on Stephen Reid’s personal twitter account. Not the first time they’ve pulled something like that either.

  5. @HZ – Heh, yeah, I saw somebody mention that they had been able to log in before they had received an email. Too much fun on the big first day. I see they already have more than 100 servers listed for just North America. I wonder where that number will peak.

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