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LEGO Lord of the Rings The Video Game Announced June 4, 2012

Posted by Wilhelm Arcturus in entertainment, lego, PlayStation 3, Wii.
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Back in December, when LEGO announced that they would be doing Lord of the Rings based kits, my first thought was, “And a LEGO video game as well, right?”

LEGO Kits Coming Summer 2012

Well, now I have my wish.  Traveller’s Tales, LEGO, Warner, and a series of other companies involved in the whole thing have announced LEGO Lord of the Rings The Video Game!

A LEGO Fantasy!

There is also a video… ahead of which YouTube has placed a 30 second ad.  They know what people want I suppose.

Direct link to the video here.

Now all that is missing is a date.  I did not see one anywhere.  Maybe it will be something for the Christmas wish list.


1. Aufero - June 4, 2012

The Lego video games site lists it as “Coming fall 2012″. I’d still bet on Christmas, for the initial sales bump.

(Not that that time of year is going to matter to me – now that my kids are in their early 20s I’ve given up pretending I buy Lego games for anyone but myself.)


2. Mattias Hallén - June 6, 2012

It are planned to be released in 26th of october 2012.



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