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The KV-2 – Because Comedy Trumps December 28, 2012

Posted by Wilhelm Arcturus in entertainment, World of Tanks.
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Earlier in the week I was considering which path to take from the Soviet KV-1 heavy tank.  There were three options, the KV-1s, which seemed like the most popular choice, the T-150, which seemed like the best path to some really heavily armored Soviet beasts, and the KV-2, which seemed more like comic relief than a viable choice.

Yet here I am in possession of a new KV-2.

A stock KV-2

A stock KV-2

I still have a long ways to go until I get enough experience to buy the 152mm “derp” gun that can terrorize the field of battle.  But even with the stock 122mm piece, I can do a lot of damage.  My first shot ever was a nice hit broadside on a medium that blew up completely.  One shot, one kill.  I got the Reaper achievement, 3 or more one shot kills, in my second battle.

So it certainly has that going for it, even early on.

On the flip side, I have notice that people will go way out of their way to take a shot at you.  I have seen whole columns of tanks suddenly turn towards me as I become visible.  I cannot tell is this is a matter of joy at having a huge target to shoot at, or if it is more the sort of reaction one gets when a giant cockroach appears; Kill it! Kill it fast!

So I end up dead a lot.

The KV-2 as it often ends up

The KV-2 as it often ends up

Still, the one-shot aspect of things sort of makes up for it.  It seems that if I can catch a medium tank broadside, he’s dead in one shot.  And light tanks are often good from any angle if they will stop and let me draw a bead on them.

I have a ways to go to get to the 152mm fun gun.  To support it I am sure I need the upgraded tracks and turret, plus I should really get the engine upgrade.

KV-2 Upgrades

KV-2 Upgrades

The selling point though was that, with the KV-2, it turns out that the price of researching the T-150 is reduced to 13K experience from 24.5K.  So that path becomes a bit cheaper.  I wonder if that counts towards the research on the KV-1 line?

Anyway, it is the KV-2 path for me for a while now.


1. Qinosen (@qinosen) - December 28, 2012

“… I have seen whole columns of tanks suddenly turn towards me as I become visible. I cannot tell is this is a matter of joy at having a huge target to shoot at, or if it is more the sort of reaction one gets when a giant cockroach appears; Kill it! Kill it fast!” yeah the KV2 has that effect on alot of folks, so it really is important to use cover well and not get caught in the open. On the upside nearly everything you unlock on the kv2 will be useable for the 150, so once you get tired of derping with the 152 you can give the 107 a try.


2. pockie - December 28, 2012

I think it’s more like they can’t afford not to turn towards you… unless they want a 900 damage derp shell in the side. Think about it as a sign of respect. Even tier 8s back away from a loaded KV-2.


3. Helistar - December 28, 2012

I still have my KV-2 (auto-evolved from the old KV) and I still play it. Even if on paper the T-150 is better, I tend to have better results with the KV2. BTW the 152mm gun is “for lolz”, the other one is a lot more effective.
Still, for a memorable experience, load up the 152mm, grab 10 gold ammo shots (for a “cheap” 4.8k silver each) and go blast… well, anything. 152mm gold ammo is 200 penetration, 700 damage…. you can two-shot a tier 7 tank from the front…..


4. Drebin - December 29, 2012

@Wilhelm – Congrats and welcome to the pseudo-elite of KV-2 drivers! Always nice to have another in the ranks of the derp-circus.

@pockie – Agreed. Heck, if I’m in anything french, I let others lead the way against a KV-2, derp or not. The chances of going *boom* are just too high.

@Helistar – You’re a bad man, and you should feel bad for suggesting others be bad men. Gold ammo in a KV-Derp… @.@ Heck, my Patton III wouldn’t survive that from the front, let alone the side.


5. Drebin - December 29, 2012

@Wilhelm – Re: Research: XP isn’t shared between research ‘pages’. Only fully-unlocked equipment is. So you can either grab the T-150 through the KV-2 or the KV-1, but you can’t split the XP cost between the two.

I’d suggest unlocking the T-150 through the KV-2 and the KV-1S through the KV-1. You get both unlocks, and get to play two rather fun tanks too.


6. mrrx - December 30, 2012

I have a 9 reaper streak with the KV-2, over three battles. I believe you usually play premium, but if you’re without, the KV-2 is a good moneymaker. In case you need any more reason to play it.


7. stnylan - December 31, 2012

Really glad to hear you are enjoying it so far. There is nothing quite like the KV-2 with the derp.


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