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More Propaganda from the War in Fountain July 26, 2013

Posted by Wilhelm Arcturus in entertainment, EVE Online, Humor, Null Sec.
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I have continued to collect propaganda from the was that people have linked in local. You can see the last batch I posted here.

I decided that I had best post what I have today, given the uncertain state of the war.  TEST got robbed yesterday by a disgruntled director and then later stood down all ops.  The changes in Fountain for July have all been TEST losses so far.  PNQY-Y and four other systems fell to CFC alarm clock ops last night.  And while the new TEST military director has brave words for the alliance, they seem to sum up to “let’s go die hilariously.”  So on to the propaganda!

TEST vs. Goons

TEST vs. Goons

While I pitch this as TEST vs. Goons, one of the most prolific creators of propaganda during the war has been Marne Deville of Gentleman’s Agreement, an alliance in the CFC.   He has also created some of the best and most memorable pieces and his work is well represented in local.  You will find some of his work below.  Aside from those, which are signed, and one that I recognize from Alizabeth Vea’s forum signature, the authors are unknown.  I post them with the usual caveat that if your work is shown and you want it removed, please let me know.

Propaganda after the cut.


1. EVE史上最大の戦闘によりFountain大戦が終戦 | ONI Industry | EVE online - August 1, 2013

[…] 戦争は終わった。先週のうちに、2回めのプロパガンダをポストしておいてよかったよ。これから膨大な量の後始末作業が待っている。キルが欲しい、ある程度の数のグループは引き続きゲートキャンプでもするだろう。でも、それは大規模艦隊に対峙するようなものじゃない。僕らは、休息を取るために普通の nullsec 生活に戻る。10人程度のフリートでゲートキャンプしたり、ゲート間にバブルを張って、通過するパイロットを落としたりしながらね。 […]


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