Daily Archives: September 15, 2006

Teamspeak Hosting Recommendation

If you plan to rent a hosted Teamspeak server I would recommend Teamspeakhost Inc.

In mid-2005 I rented a server from them for our EQII guild.  I paid for a year in advance to get the best rate.

The server ran no problem over the time we used it.  There was no downtime that I ever noticed.

Over the course of the year we stopped using the server.  I decided to let the account lapse, forgetting that the billing plan was recurring.

One year and one day later I received an email from PayPal letting me know that I had been charged for another year of service.


As my mother-in-law always says, “Stupidity must be punished!”  The $90 hit for another year of Teamspeak service I wasn’t using would make me remember to check on which bills were recurring and which bills were not.

I immediately went and cancelled the service so I would not forget and get billed again in 2007.  Then I started thinking about who might be interested in sub-letting the server from me at a reduced rate.

The next day I received a call from the guy who runs the hosting company.  He saw that I cancelled my subscription the day I was billed and wanted to know if I was going to use the server or if I wanted a refund.

Now that is service!

I opted for the refund and thanked him for going out of the way to call me.  A company that goes out of its way like that deserves a recommendation.  I will use them again should I ever need a Teamspeak server.