Daily Archives: September 19, 2006

EVEMon Utility

EVEMon is a great utility for EVE Online.  The basic function allows you to monitor the progress of skill training on your character, including a count-down timer, see what skills you already have trained, your ISK balance, your stats, and other basic information. 

That would have been enough for me, but there is more.

There is a skill planner utility that shows all of the skills that are available.  In the list the skills you have trained are highlighted and to what level they are trained is indicated by an icon.  Skills that you can train are also visibly highlighted.  As for the other skills, you can click on them and it will show you the prerequisites required to train the skill and an estimated duration to train through level one of the skill given your current skill knowledge. 

You can plan out a queue of skills you want to train and EVEMon will tell you if there is a way to speed up your path by training another skill earlier. 

It also contains a ship and item browser that is easy to use and allows you to scope out all of the equipment you can find in game.  In addition, you can select something, like a ship, and click on a button to add all of the skills you are missing for that item to your training plan.

Everybody else in the world might already have seen this utility, but I think it is so neat I have to post about it.

If you don’t have it, get it here.