Worst Podcast Idea Ever

I am prone to fits of passing enthusiasm.  It is one of my many character flaws that I can get suddenly worked up about something only to find myself completely off the idea only minutes, hours, or days later.  (This will be a recurring theme; remember it.)

Years of experience has trained some small part of my brain to warn me when this appears to be happening.  It tries to talk me out of these fits.  Unfortunately, that part of my brain cannot tell fits of enthusiasm (e.g. juggling, counting cards in blackjack, that woman in the high heeled boots ahead of me in line at Safeway) from actual interests that will endure over a long period of time (e.g. online computer games, strip gin rummy, my wife).

So, my only choice is to wait it out and see whether the enthusiasm is real or transitory.  All this time the enthusiasm keeps running in my brain, looking for an outlet, spawning ideas, while I wait to see if it fades or not.Over the last few months I have started listening to a lot of gaming podcasts.Of course, in my brain, the chemicals surge and I decide that I want to do a podcast!

I do not even have to wait this one out. I know this is empty enthusiasm.  Not only do I have nothing to say, I have no time in which to say it, and no place to record it.

Still, my brain keeps humming along on this.  Finally it hatches a plan.

I spend 60-90 minutes in the car every day driving to and from work.  All I have to do is hook up some sort of recording configuration in the car.  I will record live on Highways 87 and 101, no notes, just me switching between commentary on gaming and MMOs on the one hand and the people who piss me off during the commute on the other.  I’ll record all week and cut together a show over the weekend.  We can have game of the week, alternate route Tuesday, what I am playing, who I have flipped off, the accident update, all interspersed with literary references and shouts at people who apparently have never heard of a turn signal.  It will be great!

I actually laughed out loud when this idea came to mind.

Granted, I am sure there is somebody out there who could pull this off and end up with an interesting show.  I just don’t think it is me.

Still, maybe that game of the week idea has merit.  A week in the car talking about one game.  I could pick a game I do not know much about and do some research on it each night.  I could document the whole voyage of discovery.

Ah, there is my brain, trying again.  I’ll just wait this one out.  It will pass.

Maybe if I picked up a hitchhiker while recording….

4 thoughts on “Worst Podcast Idea Ever

  1. prognosticator

    I think you should do it. I’ve considered doing the occasional car cast with my little iAudioU2 recorder. It works real well. Road noise is minimal and the acoustics are good in a vehicle (usually). Give it a shot!


  2. Eric Smith

    “All this time the enthusiasm keeps running in my brain, looking for an outlet, spawning ideas, while I wait to see if it fades or not.”

    Wow, I had a little therapy moment there when I read this – the whole paragraph describes me to a tee. Gotta train that small part of my brain to help out with my own bursts of enthusiasm.

    As for the podcast, I would definitely be a listener. Funny idea, and it looks like you’ve got plenty to say.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I call it “Male Enthusiasm Disorder,” a term I just made up, but which will no doubt be generally accepted once I finish the Wikipedia entry.

    I will probably do some recording experiments with the equipment I have right now (3G iPod and various cheap mics). I actually have some hope for my Griffin iTalk.

    But I won’t be doing that today. There is a new VirginWorlds podcast out today that has a chance of somebody (even me) winning a copy of “The Burning Crusade” expansion for WoW, so I will be listening to that in the car.

    Hrmm, a new Massively Online Gamer podcast is up as well. Maybe Wednesday.


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