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I want to write something about the HUGE plug this blog got in VirginWorlds podcast #33

Not only did bits of my email get read on the show (highlighting my strange/awkward writing style… I always say “slash” when I read my multiple choice inserts in sentences aloud), this blog was mentioned, the URL was read out (twice!), and Brent admitted that not only does he actually read my content, he enjoys it.  

But there is more.  The site is linked on the VirginWorlds MMORPG Blogs list, so now I am all that stands between Raph Koster and The Cesspit.  (I am sure there is a joke in that somewhere.) I am sure traffic here will go up just from people mis-clicking on either of those sites.

And, to cap it all off, something I wrote actually got linked up in the VirginWorlds Recent MMORPG News listing, which was really strange.  My first thought was, “Wow, how did that get in the wrong RSS feed? Is this some bug with FeedReader?” (Yes, I subscribed to the feed for my own site.  I only seem to be able to detect typos in the FeedReader window, no matter how many times I go over a particular piece.  So almost everything I post gets an edit within minutes of it going up.)

Of course, I tell my friend all of this and the responses I get are along the lines of “You need to get out more often.”

Anyway, a big thank you again to Brent at VirginWorlds for all of this.  I would encourage you to go visit the VirginWorlds site, only I image you probably ended up here because of that site.

2 thoughts on “VirginWorlds Plug

  1. brent

    Sir, you are too modest. You probably get more traffic than I do.


    I’ll tell you something I’ve noticed over the past year (VirginWorlds turned one year old 4 minutes ago). If your content is good, people will say so.

    Your content is good. Many of the blogs I’ve been reading for the past few years have grown stale and wandered away from their roots or topics. Yours has been a refreshing find for me. At VirginWorlds I try to make a genuine effort to point a finger at people that are creating good content and say “go look at this, it is good.”

    I wish I had 5 more brains and 10 more hands to create all kinds of stuff for people to read, but I can’t, and I believe I serve everyone a little better by directing people to others who are able to do so.

    Keep up the great work. It is a pleasure to visit your site.



  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Congratulations on a full year!

    I hope I have the stamina to keep writing for a full year. Of course, with age come crankiness, and I have found that crankiness provides fodder where inspiration fails.


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