Orionids Meteor Shower

Nerd that I am, I actually had this set in my Outlook calendar at the office to remind me.

The Orionids meteor shower peaks this weekend with optimum viewing after midnight when the sky over your head is starting to face into the cometary debris.  This isn’t the greatest of meteor showers, but it coincides with a new moon, so if you live some place dark enough, you will get the maximum benefit.

So, tonight or tomorrow night, when you have finished your raid, your instance, your heritage quest, your fleet action, or your nightly updates to your MMO news site, get up, put on your coat, and go and take a look.  (Weather permitting.  It has been clear and in the 50s out here at night, so I should be set.)

Stardate has an entry on it hereWikipedia has a handy list of meteor showers here if you want to look into the subject.

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