The Small Group Adventure Path?

The fact that a couple of friends are headed back to EQ2 got me thinking about the small group instance experience that I and some other friends are doing right now in World of Warcraft.

WoW makes it pretty easy to have a dungeon crawl with a group (call it 4-5 people) at about any point from level 15 up to level 60. Blizzard leads you by the hand and points you in the right direction throughout your levels.

My question is, could you plan out a similar group progression in other MMORPGs? With enough knowledge, could you plan such a path in EQ, EQ2, GuildWars, Lineage II, Ryzom, or any of the other major MMORPGs in a way appropriate for a group of 4-5 people with about 4 hours of group play time a week and, say, another 2-4 hours of time in smaller numbers to take care of prerequisites or other side tasks?

Or is this something that is really a WoW exclusive? Is WoW the leader not only in solo-friendly level advancement, but also small group dungeon crawls as well?

I think in EQ2 you could follow the path of the heritage quests. There is some dungeon crawling in there and a couple of instances, but a lot of it is open zone competition for mobs.

Of course, I would not expect to find the exact same experience, nor would I necessarily preclude some group exp grinding as part of the experience. Group exp grinding is much less profitable in WoW than in EQ2 for example, so with EQ2 you might spend some time exp’ing as a group in interesting places.

Anyway, I am wondering if anybody has given this some thought or has a recommendation.

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  1. Joe

    After reading the Serpent Spine review, have been glancing over some of your other blog entries, I am mostly drawn to your selection of games as they mirror mine to some extent.

    EQ2 beyond level 12 or so, offers one dungeon crawl after another, 75% of them can be done by 3-6 players depending on level. Some of these are quest driven, but most offer great experiance(through kill exp) and/or rewards (boss mobs). You will also find that unlike WOW, to really progress at a decent rate you will want to be in 2+ man groups beyond level 30, as this is when solo exp(kill exp) slows down. Not saying that you can’t solo, but it will go somewhat slower than your WOW experiance at the same levels.


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