Two Friends Head Back to Norrath

Two friends in World or Warcraft have decided to head back to EverQuest II, which is where we played from the time EQII launched until last January, when we jumped over to WoW. 

Both of them are more hardcore than I am and concentrated on getting a single character each to level 60 (unlike me and my 6 40-ish characters).  Then they joined up with a raiding guild and proceeded to hit the big instances for the last couple of months.

However, the wear of regular raids into the same few places in hopes of getting this or that epic item finally began to tell.  One of them writes the blog Trot Line, which I have in my links.  He wrote a piece about the drain of regular raiding a few days back titled “End of Raiding?”

I am going to start pestering him to write about how EQII has changed in the 10 months or so since we last played there.  

A lot has happened since then.  Servers have been consolidated (our server, Crushbone, had the highest population last I checked), tradeskills have changed, an expansion has come out and another one is due soon, and a number of Live Updates have happened.  I am curious to hear how things have progressed.