Red Hat Mix Up

Completely off the subject of gaming.

This morning there was a headline in the newspaper about Oracle and open source software. Larry wants to wipe Red Hat off of the map it would seem.

My wife asked what “open source” software was. So I explained the basic concept and the potential revenue models. Since I could see the look in her eye when she grasped the whole “free” thing (she is a sales rep and knows that the commission on nothing is pretty darn small) I gave some samples of companies making money via open source.

Since it was part of the article, I started with Red Hat Linux.

My wife gaped at me and asked, “They have an operating system for women over 50?!?”

Then it was my turn to give that head tilted, confused doggy look.

After some awkward attempts to get back to where I was going, my wife helped me out. She was thinking of the Red Hat Society, which is a club for women over 50. I am not sure what it involves, only that it was part of a Simpsons episode once. (Last of the Red Hat Mamas, Season 17)

Hilarity ensued.

And, in an adjunct to that and in direct reference to the article in the paper that set this off, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs has a funny post on the subject here.