Daily Archives: October 29, 2006

Poor Impulse Control

In which the author provides proof that idle hands are indeed the Devil’s workshop.

Less than 48 hours after I posted my entry “I need a new plan” I was out proving I meant it.

Our WoW 5 person instance group missed last night.  We were down two people, so we took the night off. But I already had the time set aside, my wife was watching something on our one TV, so I sat down to figure out a plan B.

What I should have done was go to bed.  I spent the last few days helping move our test lab into a new building.  That along with moving my own office and keeping up with my actual job has been a bit of a chore.

What I could have done was play some EVE Online.  I have the skills to buy a cruiser now, but I cannot really afford to outfit it, so running some mission for cash would have been useful.

What I actually ended up doing was reactivating my EverQuest II account.

Gaff has been IM’ing me about EQ2.  He got back into our old guild, has been on a couple of raids, and actually got a couple of nice tier 7 pieces for his guardian.

So, sitting there on a Saturday night in my office looking at the EverQuest II icon on my desktop I thought, “Why not?”  I wanted to come back for Echoes of Faydwer anyway, to see Kelethin if nothing else.  So I got out the credit card and put myself back into EverQuest II for a month.

And EverQuest.

Right above the EQ2 icon on my desktop is EQ.  It was looking at me pitifully.  It was late.  I was nostalgic.  I signed up for Station Access.

Silly me.

I regret that already.  While EQ2 ran through its updates in about an hour and ran fine, EQ failed to come up after its update.  It is missing a DLL and suggests that I install again from scratch.  Even after the “full file scan” option, the d3dx9_30.dll was still missing in action.  I couldn’t find it on the drive myself, so EQ is down for the moment until I get around to installing EQ Platinum again. (I have the options for everything except Prophecy of Ro and Serpent’s Spine.)

Well, I will change my billing over to just EQ2 soon.  EQ hit me in a moment of weakness and it isn’t like I have so much free time that I can run off and explore Star Wars Galaxies or PlanetSide.

This will give me a lot more entries to write as I figure out how to play EQ2 again.  Eleven months away is a long time.

I wish they had my pre-paid dream plan.  I wish EoF was out.  I wish I had more time to play.