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The Official SOE Podcast #7

Alan “Brenlo” Crosby hosts this episode with Aimee “Ashlanne” Rekoske and Christina “Kytherea” Delzer and the news with Jason “Pex” Ryan

Carve a Pumpkin links
Halloween activities in all Games!
Farewell to Steve “Moogard” Danuser
Talk about the changes to E3
The Spooky Addition of GaVa’s Home Show
14 Day Trial in SWG
Vanguard: Unicorn Movie Mount
Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Interview on the G&H site.

E3 News – More of an industry thing now.
Interview with Dan “Walrus” Myers from The Matrix Online.
Halloween items and events in EQ and EQII
Pumpkin Corpses
Request for Game Guides for EQ, EQOA, and EQII
Jack Thompson back in the news
PS3 Press Day – SOE shows off Untold Legend’s Dark Kingdoms
Dramatic Rant Reading – From the SWG Forums
The Sports Report with Raijinn
Remembering the days of the old EQ Community Team
What are you playing?The show was recorded October 23, 2006.

The show duration is 56 minutes and can be found here or via iTunes.

The show notes, which I mangled for this entry, are available in their original form here.

Will The Last Toon Out Please Turn Off The Server?

Every game you play has its quirks.  You get used to them.

I ran into a new one this morning on EverQuest II.  I wanted to log in and check my sales through the broker, having at least figured out what loam was and from whence it comes, so I have some product up for sale now.  In logging on, I got the following message:

There is no server for your zone, please try again in a few minutes.

That isn’t the exact wording, but it is approximately what it said.

This took me by surprise.  I was in Greystone Yard when I logged off last night.  Could there be nobody in Greystone Yard?

Of course, in the fashion of EQ2, the error wasn’t handled very well.  Once you step off what we call “the happy path,” things tend to go down hill.  The application chugged along for a bit, then came back with a dialog asking me to log in again.  I know that dialog.  At no time have I ever been able to get back into the game when it shows up.  Still, I was willing to give it another shot.  Sony has had eleven months or so to make improvements. 

I entered my account and password and got the response I always get: The account information you have entered is incorrect, invalid, or already in use.

Quit.  That is really all you can do when the EQ2 asks you to log in again after the main account window.

So I left the game and launched it again.  This time I chose a that was sitting out in Zek and logged in. (I did not see an option for just logging into the character selection menu. Did that option go away?  That used to be the default in ages gone by.)

I got into the game, camped back to character selection, then logged back in with my main.  Sure enough, I was alone in Greystone Yard.

I guess that is an advantage of a heavily zoned game like EQ2, you can shut down zones that are not in use.  There is, no doubt, some performance benefit from not having to keep the NPCs in motion when nobody is around.  Still, it felt odd.  But I am nearly a year out of tune with the game, maybe there isn’t much reason to be in the racial home towns any more.