Daily Archives: November 2, 2006

Picturing EverQuest

I solved my “d3dx9_30.dll” problem.

I skipped the discussion on the EverQuest forums regarding this error and went to DLL-files.com, downloaded the file, dropped it into the EverQuest directory, and off I went.  EverQuest launched and all was right with the world.

I did poke around on some web search results after the fact and found that this particular DLL, or rather its absence, has been causing problems with a number of games.

I was able to log onto EverQuest in pursuit of my goal: Screen Shots of Faydwer.

It is a good thing that Faydwer is mostly lower level zones.  Since my old EQ characters have been deleted, I do not have my mighty shaman to run around exploring with any more.  Instead I have a level 18 Dwarf Paladin, mildly twinked by some friends, with which to conduct my recon.

I teleported out of the Plane of Knowledge (while I object to instant travel on immersion grounds, it sure makes life easy for an MMO tourist) and ran around Faydwer taking pictures.  I thought I was taking pictures, anyway.  Print Screen doesn’t take screen shots in EQ, the dash key on the keypad does.  Ooops.  Habits from EQII and WoW… and just about everything else I can think of… EQ pre-dates the standard I guess.

So I will have to cruise back through some of the places I thought I had captured already.

The wrong key for screen shots was not my only problem.  I have grown very used to having a free moving camera view with which to capture pictures.  EQ’s camera controls are very primitive when you are used to WoW or EQ2.

I decided just to go into first person mode, turn off the UI, and take pictures that way.  Now I have to wonder if a dwarf is the best choice for this.  Would a barbarian give me better camera angles?

My list of places to shoot:

The Chessboard (done, in the banner now)

Anything else I should shoot?