Picturing EverQuest

I solved my “d3dx9_30.dll” problem.

I skipped the discussion on the EverQuest forums regarding this error and went to DLL-files.com, downloaded the file, dropped it into the EverQuest directory, and off I went.  EverQuest launched and all was right with the world.

I did poke around on some web search results after the fact and found that this particular DLL, or rather its absence, has been causing problems with a number of games.

I was able to log onto EverQuest in pursuit of my goal: Screen Shots of Faydwer.

It is a good thing that Faydwer is mostly lower level zones.  Since my old EQ characters have been deleted, I do not have my mighty shaman to run around exploring with any more.  Instead I have a level 18 Dwarf Paladin, mildly twinked by some friends, with which to conduct my recon.

I teleported out of the Plane of Knowledge (while I object to instant travel on immersion grounds, it sure makes life easy for an MMO tourist) and ran around Faydwer taking pictures.  I thought I was taking pictures, anyway.  Print Screen doesn’t take screen shots in EQ, the dash key on the keypad does.  Ooops.  Habits from EQII and WoW… and just about everything else I can think of… EQ pre-dates the standard I guess.

So I will have to cruise back through some of the places I thought I had captured already.

The wrong key for screen shots was not my only problem.  I have grown very used to having a free moving camera view with which to capture pictures.  EQ’s camera controls are very primitive when you are used to WoW or EQ2.

I decided just to go into first person mode, turn off the UI, and take pictures that way.  Now I have to wonder if a dwarf is the best choice for this.  Would a barbarian give me better camera angles?

My list of places to shoot:

The Chessboard (done, in the banner now)

Anything else I should shoot?

2 thoughts on “Picturing EverQuest

  1. eric

    I’ve got some specific spots that are memorable to me. I forgot the reason for you shooting the EQ screens – was it just for nostalgia’s sake, or were you planning to do a side-by-side comparison with EQ2:EoF?

    – The docks and boat in the Butcherblock Harbor
    – The giant dwarf statue outside of Kaladim
    – The Minotaur tunnels in Steamfont (the windmills too.)
    – Any pictures of Unrest. That was probably my favorite zone.

    Be careful in Castle Mistmoor! Maybe you can borrow a rogue?


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I would like to try for a side-by-side comparo between EQ and EoF. I figure that while everybody is rolling up their new fay character I’ll run around with one of my current characters and tour. I imagine that the low level zones will be pretty full for a few days at least.

    The windmills! Yes, I must get a shot of those!

    Unfortunately there is no boat at the moment sailing between Freeport and BB currently. There is talk of boats returning to this run, but currently you just get teleported.

    I’ll be careful around Mistmoor. Sometimes I forget I am only a level 18 Pally now.

    And Unrest… well… where else would I take a level 18 dwarf pally! I’ve spent a lot of time in Unrest as well!


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