Fae’d Away!

More server problems at Sony last night.  I am sure you know this if you tried to log in. (Maybe not. Maybe people were luckier on servers other than Crushbone.)

I did get on long enough last night to roll up a Fae swashbuckler named Blintz.  I finished the first quest and was roaming around the zone when Sony had to bring down Crushbone (8:20pm PST) and I wasn’t able to get on again.  As long as they get things going by Thanksgiving, when I plan on having some time to dig into the game, I will be happy.

I do want to grumble about the EverQuest II server status page.  Having grown used to the data you can get from Blizzard about WoW servers (go look at the server status page on Warcraft Realms, you can even see if your server has a queue) I am still surprised that Sony does not have something at least as good, if not better.  Accurate and timely information goes a long way towards putting out customer service nightmares.  With less servers and, I’m sorry, many less customers, superior customer service is a way Sony could differentiate EQ2 from WoW.

You are always going to get complainers on the official forums no matter how good your customer service is, but you can turn a stream of angry agreement with the complainer into support for the company if people have the perception that you are doing your best.  Providing accurate and timely information is the first step towards that.

And, in the bigger picture, that means keeping your support team in the loop with accurate and timely information that they can pass on.  More often than not, the poor support person in the front line knows little more than the customer. (So be nice to the support reps.)

5 thoughts on “Fae’d Away!

  1. Saylah

    I had problems as well. That patch was monsterous and ran for more than 23 hours!!!! Then I couldn’t save the character I’d created because the servers were all locked. Doh! Once I did get on all was well and I’m enjoying things so far.


  2. Saylah

    P.S. Everytime I see you’re name on my blog, I’m like, “what the hell is my mom doing on here!” My mother’s name is Wilhelmina and she’s the only person with that name that I know. I’m sure in other parts of the world the name is popular, but growing up in Queens NY, it definitely was not! :-)


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    My wife is German, so I get a few out of the ordinary names around the house once in a while.

    The patch and the servers… I went back to finishing up my research for Crescent Reach quests 10-15. I did get to play my fae for a few minutes last night. The zone was very nice and I like the way they fly. I’ll find time this weekend to explore!


  4. mrrx

    Nicely written – glad I found the blog.

    After the patch I’ve had no issues connecting, but then again I didn’t make a Fae and I’m on the Bazaar server.

    Check out my blog if you are interested in the adventures of an inveterate EQ2 quester.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Thanks! I had been through your blog once a while back, but then forgot about it. (I have to take notes or stuff fades.) Now it is appropriately linked on the site.


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