Kaladim – Then and Now

The first of my comparison screen shots, the entrance to Kaladim!

Here is the classic, EverQuest Kaladim, taken a few weeks back (11/1/2006):

And here is Kaladim now, overrun and infested with bad guys:

You have to be level 60+ to run around inside Kaladim now, so my level 47 Paladin contented himself with an exterior shot.

5 thoughts on “Kaladim – Then and Now

  1. Ohgr

    Very cool! I stumbled across this while blogging myself about EoF. Would love to see you do the Butcherblock Chessboard and the Butcherblock docks.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    My big problem is that I take the picture in one game, then a few days go by and I take the picture in the other and, because of a complete lack of planning, I end up with shots that are different enough that they do not make for a good comparison. Still, I am working on it.

    I actually have the shots ready of the chessboard, I just have to crop them a bit and upload them. The docks… I have to go back and take more pictures in EQ. I took those a while back, before I had seen the docks in EQ2. Now I know what shots I have to take.


  3. Megan

    You actually don’t need to be level 60+ in Kaladim – most badies are in the 30’s, though there are level 60 traps that randomly pop in two locations and a level 38 3-up-arrow badie who pops out of no where but my 48 Necro does just fine here.


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