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Why Do You (Still) Play EverQuest? Part 2

Jeff Green of Games For Windows magazine has followed up his call for people to let him know why they still play EverQuest with this posting on the SOE forums:

This is Jeff Green, the editor-in-chief of Games for Windows magazine (formerly Computer Gaming World.)  I’m currently working on an article for our January issue involving going back to EQ1 after about 4 years off. I relate a little bit of my experience going back, but wanted to include quotes from players who have either been playing all along or who have come back after awhile off like myself.  

My main question (and we can get more specific over email if it seems warranted), is:  Why are you still playing or why did you come back?  What keeps you attached to a game so many years after it first launched–especially with many other MMOs on the market now that have (theoretically) “advanced” the genre?

This is a serious request, and I’d be happy to include good responses in the article, so email me at the address below if you are interested!   Thanks…

Jeff Green
Games for Windows: The Official Magazine

You can find and respond to this thread in the SOE forums here.

Fae’tal Error

I made a mistake this weekend.  My 5 year old daughter came into my office Saturday afternoon while I was tooling around with my new fae character.  She came over and sat in my lap to watch me play for a bit as she sometimes does.  But this time was different.  This time she saw my character and some of the other fae around and shouted with glee,

“Butterfly People!”

I knew I was in trouble at that moment.  I knew my play time for the afternoon was over.

In the end, the simplest route was to roll up a fae character with her (we spent a long time choosing wings) and let her roam around Greater Faydark on her own.  The days of her being content to watch me play are over, she wants to run the show now.

I stayed with her and helped her do a couple of the early quests, but mostly she just wanted to fly all over the place.  She did a lot of climbing up on things then gliding off.  She was also very interested in the zone.  The scenery is very pretty.  She especially liked the sparkling flowers.

She did come up with an astute observation during her time in the game. (She is good at that.  For example, she always asks me where my pet goes when I get on the griffon in WoW.)

We flew around then through the pond.  When her fae hit the water, it began to swim, slowly, through the water.  She looked at me and asked, “If it can fly everywhere else, why doesn’t it just fly over the water?”

A good question!  How do you explain the sacrifice of logic to game balance issues to a 5 year old?