EVEMon 1.1.4 Released

A new version of my favorite EVE-Online utility is now available.

-Skill point calculation cleaned up and fixed
-Ship descriptions have been cleaned up
-Panel resizing bug in the skill browser fixed
-ReLogin problems fixed, unfixed, beaten, and then resolved
-Directory not found error fixed
-More features added for displaying EVEMon icon
-EVEMon no longer freaks out when your registry isn’t set up the way it likes
-Tabs now force an update when changing, resolves a few “0 skills 0 points” issues
-Connection code (finally) unified
-“Show completed skills” option should not be remembered correctly
-Skill alerts now much more sane in general
-EVEMon should now play nicer with 120dpi settings. Late-model laptop users rejoice
-Fixed an error that could corrupt settings.xml

-Plan selection window now includes more information
-A few new mineral feeds added for EVE-Central, Battleclinic, CXI. Thanks to all feed providers!
-The skill browser now searches skill descriptions as well as names
-EVEMon alert emails have been improved quite a bit.
-The title bar can now be configured to display all sorts of things
-New skill icons!
-Rudimentary USB support added, for those that want to run evemon from a memory stick
-Attribute breakdowns are now more useful

Known Issues:
-EVEMon alert emails may report incorrect levels. Please report your issues on the forums to help us track this down!

You can get it here.

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