Kelethin – Then and Now

The next in my Faydwer screen shot comparison series, Kelethin.

One thing I keep forgetting about Greater Faydark in EverQuest is that it is really dark and gloomy there.  It was bright and sunny in Butcher Block, but when I hit GF, the sun was gone.

Meanwhile, in EverQuest II, Greater Faydark has a much lighter feel.  It is still overcast, like being deep in the forest, but it isn’t as night-like as EQ.

Kelethin did not look so bad back in EQ, at least until you compare it to the EQ2 pictures.  I like that in EQ2 the tree houses have become full, giant acorns.

1 thought on “Kelethin – Then and Now

  1. Tipa

    The darkness in the old EQ1 zones made traveling at night scary and dangerous… you had no idea what you’d come across. I liked that in Toxxulia, the only lights you would see were the struggling torches outside Erudin and the kobold-infested campfires… that was a zone I learned by heart because as an Erudite, I could not see in the dark.

    EQ1 always seemed more real at night.


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