Daily Archives: November 24, 2006

272 Cobalt Ingots

I was digging through all of the stuff that my woodworker has stored away in the bank and in his house vault, trying to figure out what to save and what to sell.  There are, fortunately, a lot of materials that I have that are in intermediate states of processing that can still be used for trade skilling under the new system.

However, I have quite a pile of one item that appears to be of no use what so ever any more.

272 Cobalt Ingots.

When Desert of Flames came out, the armorer in our guild went on a big LFW binge and made a lot of cobalt armor sets for people.  I kept him supplied with materials for imbuing the armor and he let me have the ingots that were the byproduct of the first processing pass on raw cobalt.

My woodworker used the ingots to make rare arrow heads.  One ingot, if I recall right, made three arrow heads. And each arrow head, if I had a pristine pass making the arrows, would produce 25 ultra-high quality arrows.  The best in the game at that point.

I actually had a lot more ingots at one point.  I made a bunch, gave some back to the armorer, sold some at fuel cost to others in the guild, and sold the rest on the open market.

But now, after quite a while away, I have these 272 ingots in my house.  These were, at one time, potentially, 20,400 arrows.

As far as I can tell, they are now worthless.  Are ingots good for anything anymore?  Should I just vendor them?  Bah!