Daily Archives: November 27, 2006

Diablo II Resurgence

I had one of those strange occurrences over the last week where suddenly several different people brought up Diablo II unprompted.

First, a friend who used to play EQ with us way back when mentioned on IM that he and his wife got Diablo II out and are running through the game together.

Then a neighbor who knows I play computer games mentioned that he picked up Diablo II and was having a good time with it.  He wanted to know if I had ever played it.  I said yes, declining to mention that I actually own two copies of the game because we used to play it at the office after work and I got tired of forgetting the CD either at home or at the office.

And finally, my brother, who just got back from a year in Kuwait with the Navy, told me that when he wasn’t on duty, eating, sleeping, or getting in some training time, he was playing Diablo II.  He played the game all the way through all three difficulty levels.

And this is all made more strange by the fact that just the day before this started I was thinking about how much I wish World of Warcraft was more in the Diablo II art style, not being a fan of the short-ugly-dwarves-with-huge-feet Warhammer art style that Blizzard… uh… “came up with” for WoW.

Any word on a Diablo III?  World of Diablo?  Anything?