Portal to the Commonlands

I was in the bank in Kelethin when somebody put up a portal behind me.  I turned around and saw this sitting there and went “Cool!”   

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I sat there for a moment then thought, “I should jump in!”

Then I figured that would be a bad idea.  Level 15, alone, outside of Freeport… not a good prospect for a young fae.  Plus I want to explore the new zones, not re-run the old ones. (I have been tempted though.  I know those quests!)

Somebody who plays World of Warcraft is going to look at this and think, “Eh, looks like a portal in WoW.”

 It doesn’t.  It looks a much cooler.  It is very pretty.

Of course, five of these in a small area would probably kill your frame rate, but one was okay and very nice to look at.  I almost didn’t get the screen shot I was so busy just admiring the portal. 

7 thoughts on “Portal to the Commonlands

  1. Bman

    The portal actually lets you out pretty deep into the commonlands, not far from the entrance to Nek Forest. So you wouldn’t get ganked by the guards immediately if you went through it. (Though you might still get ganked if you’re on a PvP server…)

    But depending on the circumstances, you might not have been able to use the portal anyway. To use the druid portals, you have to visit the destination druid ring first and collect the “blessed bush”, which will give you the option of teleporting to that ring via the druid portals.

    As far as I know, there are five rings in the world currently: Antonica, CL, Greater Faydark, Butcherblock, and Steamfont. I definitely recommend opening up access to those rings when you get the opportunity, as they’re incredibly handy for zipping around the world if you happen to know a druid.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Ah, that is what that bush is in the druid ring below Kelethin! I will have to go back to that. I was afraid the burning bush would speak to me, and who knows where that might lead.

    I was actually more worried about getting through Nek forest then through Butcherblock to get back to Greater Faydark, since the Kelethin citizenship quest seems to be bugged for me, so I cannot simply recall back.

    And now that you mention it, I do remember where the druid rings are in the commonlands, out where I spent all that time hunting for a wisp and then the named lion (Rama-something) for the “Return the Light” heritage quest.


  3. Saylah

    Am a bit confused by Bman’s statement. Can anyone open those portal’s or just the a druid? I know where the ring is in GF and collected from the bush. Had no idea what i was doing but it looked like a viable harvest node and I was harvesting. :-) I didn’t look to see what it gave me but later on I had some dust in my pack that I couldnt account for so assumed it came from that bush. I banked it until I figured out what’s what.

    So what is the deal with these portals?


  4. Bman

    Only druids (Wardens and Furies) can _open_ the portals, but anyone can go through them – IF they’ve collected the aforementioned blessed bush first. When you do, you should receive a little message telling you that you can now teleport to that druid ring.

    I believe Wizards and Warlocks also have the ability to open ports now in EoF, but I honestly don’t know anything at all about how they work.


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