Carpet Bombing Faydwer

While I am having a good time running around playing a fae, one thing is getting on my nerves.

There are too damn many flying carpets.

When I stopped playing back in January, flying carpets were still reasonably rare.  Seeing somebody fly past on one was neat.  Plus they fit into the whole Desert of Flames theme.

But now it seems like every nut from Nettleville has gotten his hands on a flying carpet, and they are all headed to Faydwer.

Look back at this picture I posted about the voyage to Faydwer.  There are three flying carpets on board for the trip.  You can see two in the middle of the deck and, while you cannot see the third carpet, you can see the toon in the “flying carpet crouch” clearly enough.

Carpet on the Ship

I hate to play the immersion card in every rant, but they look really out of place in Faydwer, and the place is crawling with them.  I see them all the time, and I have only really played in Greater Faydark.  I am just waiting to see somebody try and fly one off a platform in Kelethin.

Sony, why have you unleashed these threadbare eyesores upon us?

3 thoughts on “Carpet Bombing Faydwer

  1. Meclin

    Yes, yes, and dare I say? Yes.

    The problem is this is the only “free” mount I know of–you merely invest your time and quest the carpet and then you have a built in speed buff. Unless you have a reasonable cash flow you might go this route for economic reasons. The whole DoF theme was a bit too much for me, though the game play was reasonably good and I enjoyed slaying the bejeezus out of cyclops. However, I think the carpet mount was a stop gap measure to stop the dOOds from whining that they would never afford/have the guild lvl 40 “real” carpet mount (I think you can tell the difference–it looks like the one in the Mage tower though I could be wrong).

    I would like them to reverse this trend, though I don’t think that is likely. The carpet never fails to make me cringe, I refuse to ride the one I have (our guild was the first ones to successfully finish the carpet quest on Crushbone, actually). The problem is you can’t argue with the financial incentive for riding a “free” speed buff.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    *sigh* Yes, I certainly wouldn’t blame any individual for getting one, I just think that Sony made a mistake on the carpet thing.

    Of course, what else could you have given people in DoF? Camels? Those would have looked really snazzy in Faydwer as well..


  3. mrrx

    I can’t wait to retire my carpet fully. Mystics get an AA-upgraded Spirit of Wolf buff, that combined with JBoots, beats the best mounts in the game.

    My annoyance is the bouncing you experience on the carpet. Gahhh, hold still screen of mine !


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