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Once, Twice, Three Times A Revelation!

When I got home from my bi-weekly card game last night EVEmon reminded me that my current skill training was done, so I launched EVE Online and saw in the message field:

Welcome to Revelations!

Revelations - November 2006


Ah, yes, the first Kali update is out!

I was then prompted about the 62 Meg patch, which I set to download, then walked off.

I came back a while later only to be greeted with a message that the download was successful but the file appeared to be corrupted, please try again.

Erf, not more patch update problems!

It was late.  I was tired.  I started the download again and went to bed.

In the morning I had the same message.  Still, there was time enough for another try.  I launched the application again and went off to get ready for work.

The third time was, as they say, a charm.  Now I have to figure out what all these patch notes mean to me!   The list of changes is huge!

(The update worked the first time on my laptop while I was at the office today.  Another nice EVE Online feature, it actually runs well on my laptop and does not draw attention on the company network.)

November in Review

The Site

Well, with this post I will have posted something every day in November, ending up with more than 50 entries for the month.  And I have not yet dipped into my ever-growing “I should write this up some day” list of ancient history.

I have been thinking about hosting the site myself, but I am stuck on a domain name.  My first shot, tagn.com, is owned by some domain camper while tagn.net is The All Girl Network.  I could go with tagn.us, but I am old fashioned and if I cannot have .com or .net I will get cranky… although then I could look for tacgn.com.  So I am fishing around for ideas on a domain name.  If you have a suggestion, drop me a note at wilhelm2451 at yahoo dot com.

I am getting a lot more comments on the site, almost all of them very constructive or informative (even if unintentionally so in one case).  Average views per day more than doubled over October to a little more than 111.

New Linking Sites

A big thanks to the sites I found that put me on their links list over the last month:

And thanks to the other people who link items here… except for that hard core gay porn site that linked one of my Deadmines entries.  The URL started with “burning,” so I went there thinking it had something to do with WoW and… well… I am glad I wasn’t at the office when that page loaded.

Most Viewed Posts In November

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Crescent Reach – Level 10 to 15 Quests

EVEmon remains the search term most likely to bring somebody to the site, followed by Crescent Reach.  The items between those two all share the distinction of being linked on the news page of EQ2-Daily.com, which has driven a ton of hits to this site.  VirginWorlds also linked a majority of the list, which helped as well.

Search Engine Terms

Odd search engine terms that brought people to the site in November:

noob hand signs
noob train
any idea where i can find a everquest 2
gamer would you date this guy? noob
how not to be a noob EQ2
hey noob want to fight

Traffic Patterns

Watching the traffic on the site, it seems that people spend their weekends playing, but when they get to work on Monday they want to surf game sites.  Traffic here spikes on Monday, settles down Tuesday and Wednesday, picks up on Thursday and Friday, and then there is a big valley over the weekend.

EVE Online

I did not spend much time playing EVE in November.  I did keep my training going all month and finished up Covert Ops and Cloaking training, only to discover that the covert ops frigate and the cloaking equipment are more expensive that I can afford at the moment.  I suppose EVEmon should have a feature to tell you how much the equipment a certain skill opens up is going to cost you.  I will certainly take this into account before I start in on the 197 day training plan that will let me drive the Caldari Leviathan!

I was considering dropping EVE Online since I have not played it much lately, but I signed up for a 3 month billing plan, so I am good on training through the end of the year.  And then Skronk, of our WoW instance experiment, activate his EVE Online account, so now I actually know somebody else in the game.  Maybe I will find time to play some over Christmas.


The Serpent’s Spine was very exciting for two weeks.  I played that quite a bit and wrote up my experiences.  Then Echoes of Faydwer came out and I haven’t looked back into EQ except to take screen shots.  I do want to finish documenting the path to level 20 in Crescent Reach, plus I have a few more topics about The Serpent’s Spine I want to cover.  I will get back to it, I promise.

EverQuest II

Echoes of Faydwer!  Holy fae wings Batman, I wish this was the game I purchased in November 2004, not November 2006.  Still, better late than never!  This has occupied most of my play time since the weekend after it came out.  It has also given me something to write about.

Quite a few people whom I know ducked out of EQ2 since Desert of Flames have been showing back up.  I hope this trend is widespread because I would love to see more quality expansions like this out of the EQ2 team.

World of Warcraft

The instance nights continue to be a lot of fun.  I have hit some good equipment in the last couple of runs, which is good, because I tend not to think about my equipment as often as I should.  This is probably an EQ2 habit where you used to get yourself a set of equipment that would last you ten levels at a stretch.

Other Games

I briefly considered using the beta key that came with Massive Magazine to take a look at Gods and Heroes.  Similarly, the issue came with keys and software to try out Star Wars Galaxies and The Matrix Online, but in the end Echoes of Faydwer won out.

Coming up in December

Ongoing WoW instance run reporting along with more posts about my experiences Echoes of Faydwer, including several more “Then And Now” picture sets.  More EverQuest if I can find the time.  Suggestions for topics are always welcome.