Daily Archives: December 2, 2006

20 Armorer

One of the things I did get done over the last week was getting Blintz to trade skill level 20.  I chose the armorer’s path for him so he can outfit himself.  I have a weaponsmith and a jeweler to take care of his weapon and skill needs.

I cannot go far enough in saying how happy I am with the decrease in the number of operations you now need to do to make an item.  In the old days, for example, chain armor for the chest slot required over a dozen operations.  This included making all the chemicals to process all the raws that then made up all the pieces for the final combine.  Now you do all of that in a single operation.

In addition, the experience gained for making that final piece appears to have gone up to cover a considerable percentage of the experience you would have gotten under the old multi-step system.

With the combination of improved experience for each item, the fact that you now start with your trade skill vitality at 100%, and the bonus trade skill experience you get for your first pristine copy of an item, I was able to get to level 20 making only 68 items. (1 hour and 33 minutes of time doing trade skills, according to EQ2Players.com.)  And now, with my trade skill edge back and a little bit of planning, I think I could have done that in under 60 items.

I think I could do it without any help from my other characters.  The only help I had this time around was in the way of supplies.  My weaponsmith had a stack of 40 or so iron clusters that Blintz ended up using.  He could have picked that up in Greater Faydark harvesting over by the level 12-18 orcs while doing quests, so it was not a huge helping hand, just a little boost.

As an added bonus, I was able to either use of sell almost every item he made.

So it looks like, since I have been away, Sony has made trade skills much more accessible to the average player.

I have changed Blintz’s signature on the characters page to show trade skill level and number of items crafted to show how many items it took to get to his current level. 

Now I have to get him high enough level to start harvesting tier 3 now so he can start working on his armor set for adventure level 20.