Would You Buy A Game From This Man?

Off my usual topics, but this involves a Usenet anti-legend. Not somebody who made the A-List like Serdar Argic (I still have a Joel Furr Zumbabot T-shirt) or Robert E. McElwaine (UN-altered REPRODUCTION and DISSEMINATION of this IMPORTANT Information is ENCOURAGED), but somebody who made their own small mark on Usenet back when I had the patience to read Usenet.

That man is Derek Smart.

I saw an artcile on Ars Technica today about him. He and his company, 3000AD, are back with a new game. And it is even going to be available on the Xbox 360.

Those who know the man and his reputation, who waded through his posts, or who, heaven help us, actually paid money for Battlecruiser 3000AD, are probably even now groaning in anticipation.

There is an interview with him up on Firing Squad where he shows his usual aplomb. Nobody ever denied he has confidence in himself and his work. Having read much of his writing, the most charitable thing I can say is that he has a vision. His ability to execute on it is another story.

One item to note, which does get us back to the MMO topic, is the mention at the end of the interview of Universal Combat Online, 3000AD’s upcoming space based entry into the MMO world. Look out EVE-Online! I expect to hear reports about this game on VirginWorlds any episode now! I want Gary and Ryan at Massively Online Gamer to be in the beta! This is the MMO that could make us all forget about the “fairly smooth” launch of Dark & Light.

Look for it in 2008.

(This post is the product of a serious Usenet flashback. Your mileage may vary.)

3 thoughts on “Would You Buy A Game From This Man?

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Not that I can see. He does have a core of followers who seem to like his games, but his track record cannot be helping any.

    Still, in the age of WoW, when somebody with a string of games that represents a known IP starts floating the idea of an MMO, there are probably investors to be had.


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