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The Next EverQuest II Expansion?

I was thinking in the shower the other morning, that being about the only quiet time in my day when I can just think, about what the next expansion for EverQuest II will be.  If Echoes of Faydwer ends up as successful as I hope it will, Sony may seek replay this success.  That will mean sticking with a few main themes.


It will have to be a place from EverQuest.  This has played so well for EoF that they will have to repeat it.  That is the purpose of making a “2” game, to be able to draw on lore.  There is no lore like old lore, and EverQuest is the mother lode of old MMO lore.  There is so much there to pick and choose from that the hard part must be deciding what has to get put off for later.

A New Home Town

Getting people the hell out of Qeynos and into a new home town with a different newbie experience has been huge.  That cannot be over looked.  Something nice, with no crappy racial slums, in the middle of an adventure zone that will get you to level 20 would do the trick.  That is just what the doctor ordered ordered for EoF and I am sure Sony will want to refill that perscription.

Qeynos Hostile

The good side got  a second home town this time around, so the next one will have to go to the Freep faction.  Freeport is a dismal place, so over done, under populated, and hilly.  The suburbs are horrible and downtown is just unpleasant regardless of how easy it is to find parking.  I think people betray to Qeynos from Freeport just because Freeport is so annoying to navigate.  You only have to have that little glowing “follow me” line go straight up a sheer wall a dozen times or so before you say “the hell with it, I’m outta here!” and you betray.

A New Race

Of course, if you have a new home town, you will need people who live there.  This will be tough because EQ2 really played the race card, so to speak, very heavily on day one.  But the world of Norrath is full of interesting races, so it need not being something playable from EQ.  After all, the Fae were not in EQ as a playable race.

An Island

The EQ2 lore is all based on the shattering, so everything is an island now, right?  That means another nice, self-contained set of zones and another boat.  I hope they will just give up service to Butcherblock from Nektulos Forest and run the new boat from there.  And I hope it will be a new boat this time.  No, really, Sony, a new boat.  I mean it.


At this point I have to borrow the prognostication hat from Brent at VirginWorlds and take a guess.

With all of this was all rolling around in my head looking for an answer I read Loral’s post on Mobhunter titled “Everquest’s Two Year Outlook.”  At the very end were some guesses about the future, and in those guesses was the word for which my brain had been searching.


That will be the next island, the location of the next home town, the next target in EQ2’s fight to make it big.  Loral was right in thinking Sony will revisit Kunark, but wrong about which game will get it. 

That still leaves out what race they will introduce.  The Iksar are already available, so while new Iksar will no doubt be able to start there, there has to be a new race in the bargain.  I will have review who lives on Kunark in EverQuest before I venture to guess on a race, but I feel strongly about Kurnark.  It was the first EQ expansion and it was a success.

I do get the feeling I might be off by an expansion, that there may be another level cap raising expansion in between Echoes of Faydwer and what I am now calling Return to Kunark.  Something like the Planes of Power to sate the raiders and to give everybody a tier 8 to which to aspire.  But after that I feel sure it will be Kunark.

Remember what I wrote and when I wrote it.  And remember where that last spark I was looking came from.  Thank you Loral! 

I might be wrong, but I have a feeling I am right.  But I have that feeling every time I buy a lottery ticket, so we shall see.

Play The Fae 7-Day Trial

Sony now has their site up, playthefae.com, that will allow people who create a new Station accounts to download a demo application and play in Greater Faydark for a week. 

 You can create a Fae (or one of the other races that can start in Kelethin) and see what I and other people have been raving about for the last two weeks.