The Next EverQuest II Expansion?

I was thinking in the shower the other morning, that being about the only quiet time in my day when I can just think, about what the next expansion for EverQuest II will be.  If Echoes of Faydwer ends up as successful as I hope it will, Sony may seek replay this success.  That will mean sticking with a few main themes.


It will have to be a place from EverQuest.  This has played so well for EoF that they will have to repeat it.  That is the purpose of making a “2” game, to be able to draw on lore.  There is no lore like old lore, and EverQuest is the mother lode of old MMO lore.  There is so much there to pick and choose from that the hard part must be deciding what has to get put off for later.

A New Home Town

Getting people the hell out of Qeynos and into a new home town with a different newbie experience has been huge.  That cannot be over looked.  Something nice, with no crappy racial slums, in the middle of an adventure zone that will get you to level 20 would do the trick.  That is just what the doctor ordered ordered for EoF and I am sure Sony will want to refill that perscription.

Qeynos Hostile

The good side got  a second home town this time around, so the next one will have to go to the Freep faction.  Freeport is a dismal place, so over done, under populated, and hilly.  The suburbs are horrible and downtown is just unpleasant regardless of how easy it is to find parking.  I think people betray to Qeynos from Freeport just because Freeport is so annoying to navigate.  You only have to have that little glowing “follow me” line go straight up a sheer wall a dozen times or so before you say “the hell with it, I’m outta here!” and you betray.

A New Race

Of course, if you have a new home town, you will need people who live there.  This will be tough because EQ2 really played the race card, so to speak, very heavily on day one.  But the world of Norrath is full of interesting races, so it need not being something playable from EQ.  After all, the Fae were not in EQ as a playable race.

An Island

The EQ2 lore is all based on the shattering, so everything is an island now, right?  That means another nice, self-contained set of zones and another boat.  I hope they will just give up service to Butcherblock from Nektulos Forest and run the new boat from there.  And I hope it will be a new boat this time.  No, really, Sony, a new boat.  I mean it.


At this point I have to borrow the prognostication hat from Brent at VirginWorlds and take a guess.

With all of this was all rolling around in my head looking for an answer I read Loral’s post on Mobhunter titled “Everquest’s Two Year Outlook.”  At the very end were some guesses about the future, and in those guesses was the word for which my brain had been searching.


That will be the next island, the location of the next home town, the next target in EQ2’s fight to make it big.  Loral was right in thinking Sony will revisit Kunark, but wrong about which game will get it. 

That still leaves out what race they will introduce.  The Iksar are already available, so while new Iksar will no doubt be able to start there, there has to be a new race in the bargain.  I will have review who lives on Kunark in EverQuest before I venture to guess on a race, but I feel strongly about Kurnark.  It was the first EQ expansion and it was a success.

I do get the feeling I might be off by an expansion, that there may be another level cap raising expansion in between Echoes of Faydwer and what I am now calling Return to Kunark.  Something like the Planes of Power to sate the raiders and to give everybody a tier 8 to which to aspire.  But after that I feel sure it will be Kunark.

Remember what I wrote and when I wrote it.  And remember where that last spark I was looking came from.  Thank you Loral! 

I might be wrong, but I have a feeling I am right.  But I have that feeling every time I buy a lottery ticket, so we shall see.

17 thoughts on “The Next EverQuest II Expansion?

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I originally put this piece up with the title “Prognosticator’s Island,” then decided that was too obtuse even for me. I was afraid people might think I was referring to some place Brent at VirginWorlds goes for vacation, so I switched to a more obvious headline.


  2. mrrx

    I suppose I’m with you on this stuff. Good analysis, now let’s see if it comes true :) .

    One place I’m not agreeing is on new races. They’re great for new/returning players, sure. For current players, there’s no ability to create additional characters since we’ve all maxed out our pitifully-tiny number of slots. And I’d think they could get away with introducing Kunark and a “lost tribe” of Iksars somehow.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Agreed! More damn character slots please Sony! To make a fae I had to opt for a Station Access account. If I wasn’t also noodling around in EQ I would be more annoyed than I already am.


  4. Tipa

    Kunark is too vast, and that’s if they even only had the original Kunark zones. I can’t imagine them doing Kunark next; they’d only be bound to disappoint those who remember EQ1’s first expansion as the high point of the entire game.

    I’d go for the the next most likely place, Odus. New city, Paineel. New race, the Arslai, the evil Fae, born not from the magical energies of the Greater Faydark but from the more poisonous ones of Toxxulia Forest.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I had actually thought of Odus, but I could not find any enthusiasm in myself for it.

    But what you say about Kunark also contains a seed of my own belief in it being the next expansion with a home town. The fact that it is so well regarded and well known as an EQ expansion is what makes it so worth doing. The risk is there, but done right, the reward is there too.

    In the end, I claim no magic insight and would like to hear what others think. Thanks for the comment!


  6. Van Hemlock

    Odus would make sense – I remember it getting quite a lot of new zones tacked on toward the end. It offers an Evil City – Paineel, (just trash Erudin itself ala Kaladim and Ak’anon, making it a dungeon), and at least six old zones to revamp and upgrade. New evil race could take the place over, much like Kelethin and the Fae.

    Certian neatness to it, as it’s the only original non-expansion landmass from EQ1 missing from EQ2 now :)

    Kunark would work well though, yes.


  7. Razakius

    I didn’t play EQ1 so I can’t really talk that kinda shop… I played Kunark briefly and that’s it. But it would seem to me that if you wanted max affect the nostalgia you’d wanna do one of the original zones, not an expansion of EQ1… I think the fact that Kunark was so well thought of may also get you into trouble if the new Kunark isn’t done as well.. (High expectations).

    I do think that if and when they make a new race that they will go back to the original lore to bring it in. I also think it is possible that given the feedback, regardless of the expansion, they may try to put at least one or two classic zones in every future expansion. (Though I hope they have a ton of new original stuff too). I also think they will be adding an evil race, and hopefully to go along with it they will add at least 1 new character slot to every account, if not 2. Personally given the current of monsters to choose from I think the Kobolds would be oddly fun to play, the fact that they are mostly on all fours would make them very unique in how to play them.

    I don’t however think the next expansion will be the new race, I think they will do a new cap raise between then and now… mostly because a lot of higher level raiders were already angry that they this expansion was not completely for them. If they did it twice in a row, they’d have issues.

    I just hope that for the next expansion with the level cap, they do a better job at giving the middle level people a bone every now and then…


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  9. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    That would make it less newsworthy or less of a confirmation of my guess on the next expansion how?

    And it is spelled “loser.” Don’t they teach you things like that in Texas?


  10. Qubic

    Qubic from the german community site EQ2 Mystics here – I originally discovered the entry on the USPTO.

    Just found this blog entry – hope you’ll have ideas like that in the future too, Wilhelm, for you was perfectly right with it. Almost frightening :D


  11. Eviltony


    I hate Qeynos with a passion! This isn’t because I hate Good toons, but because the entire city is friggen STUPID! Now before everyone gets uppidity: Think like an Engineer, and someone who served in the military. If Qeynos was laid seige like the lore says, it would probably be a bit better laid out for longer seiges. Freeport upon hitting the main city you can immediately see where the main defensive choke points were built in. Also, key facts about how the main parts of the city are laid out in a more logical fashion. like: North Freeport is North, South Freeport is Sout, and East and West Freeport are between the 2 and OMG they are EAST AND WEST Co Located!
    Saying people betray because the city is horrible was probably better put as “I don’t like freeport because I’m a dumbass and everyone should think like me.”

    Thank you,


  12. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, if you actually bothered to read and comprehend you would have gotten that I have no love for Qeynos either.

    But having made Freeport toons, I found Freeport dismal, barren, and overly difficult to navigate. The only sad part of that is that somebody obviously put a lot of work into the city.

    Anyway Eviltony, a dumbass is somebody who cannot handle an opinion that differs from their own. Thank you for remembering that in the future.


  13. Saryk

    Qeynos and Freeport are taste. I like Freeport better because I don’t like all the sweetness of Qeynos. Both cities are accessible, it really comes down to what you like.

    Now when the next expansion is in production, I think Odus should either be the next expansion or next adventure pack. Since the reckoning the island could have erupted in a major war with the Heretics winning. Just because there is a land doesn’t mean there should or will be a new race. How ever there could be a new class. Like Beast lords class, with Animal Slaver / Animal Protector Sub-classes. Odus would be the natural next thing. Since it was with the original EQ, it should be next. But the whole island could be sunk and in ruins. Creating new underwater zones in the world, or just sunk and that’s the end of Odus. Creating the way for Kunark, Velious, and god knows what else. You have to remember that EQ and EQ2 split after the sleeper awoke (If I remember correctly). So the story can go many ways.

    I would love to see a underworld type of expansion. All of the areas would be underground maybe with Neriak as the center point of it. I remember in EQ Luclin with all of the caverns and such, it was great.


  14. Kirzan

    Simple, Add Kunark like you said. IT HAS TO BE Kunark… it can’t be anything else. It’s either Kunark or Velious.

    As for the race… Perhaps a peaceful tribe of Sarnaks?!

    For what you said about Freeport being uninviting… you are totally right… but for the new place to be a little bit better?! I don’t think so, Sony is set on GOOD vs EVIL… and their perception of Evil is more like Trolls staring at your guts and telling you you’d make a nice dinner til a guard passes by to approve what the troll just said. It’s not you know… evil as in conquering and cold-blood killing. Freeport is plain being MEAN and that’s why I never played freeport… hell I wanna log on and have fun not have every single NPC tell me I suck LOL!


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