Daily Archives: December 7, 2006

Vanguard News RSS Feed!

A while back I was complaining about the lack of RSS feeds on game company sites.  I specifically went after Vanguard because they had a screwy RSS feed on their FAQ which had the “number of times read” counter in the XML, which caused it to be updated and appear as a new message in Feedreader.

Well, I am happy to say that the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes site now has a an RSS feed for their news.  If you go to their main page here, there is an extra large RSS feed icon in plain sight.

Cheers for Sigil!  Now my official MMO RSS news feed won’t be limited to Dark & Light! 

I am still afraid Vanguard is going to chew up my computer and spit it out when it comes to system requirements, but at least Sigil is working to spread the word about their game.

EVEMon 1.1.6 Released

1.1.6 has actually been out for a few days, but I could not get it to log into EVE until today.  That was apparently an issue on the CCP side that has since been resolved.

-Various issues related to sorting and moving plans and skills have been resolved
-Some concerns with XML-based characters have been resolved
-Plan window multiple selection issues resolved

-Revelations skill update. Ships and items not yet updated. See “known issues”
-G15 support continues to be both under active development AND highly experimental – Use at your own risk
-EVEMon can now get your character portrait directly from your EVE installation
-Users can now select verbose or sms-friendly email alerts
-The IGB mini-server can now operate on any port and may be accessed from other computers
-The skill browser searches descriptions and titles now
-Plans can now be changed within the plan window itself

Known Issues:
-The suggestion engine may still suggest basic learning skills to level V before it suggests advanced learning.
-Revelations ships and items are missing until the CCP datadump.

You can find EVE-Mon here.

Gold Spammers

I was actually a bit surprised a few months back when I started playing EVE Online.  Within an hour of creating my character I received an in-game mail offering to sell me the in-game currency for EVE-Online, ISK.  It was crudely written but to the point, “ISK for Sale.”

That seemed, at that moment, to be outlandishly brazen.  Somebody surly reports these to CCP?  The account sending the email must surly get banned and through enough clever network tracking the source of the accounts must surly get blocked from creating new accounts eventually?  I thought surly this would be a short-lived phenomena?

I can be somewhat naive at times.

Yes, I thought wrong.  Three months later I still find such mails coming to me in-game every so often.  I won’t get any for a week or two then, suddenly, I will log in and find three waiting from me.  Sometimes they direct me to one web site, sometimes to another.  It seems that this will be with us for a while.

Well, at least it is only in EVE I thought.

Then I started getting messages like that in World of Warcraft.  At first they were equally crude and pretty random.

The other night however, they started getting more sophisticated and more pervasive.  I logged in and found an ad on Blintz.  Then I logged onto another character and found he had an ad as well.  Then I went through ALL of my characters, on four different servers.  Every single one of them had either one or both of the ads below:

gold01.jpg                      gold02.jpg

(information obliterated to prevent any gain to the sellers… no gold ads here!)

These are actually starting to look professional.  And they appeared on every one of my characters!

Gold Spam Comes To WoW!

I still haven’t seen this sort of thing on EverQuest or EverQuest II as yet, but perhaps the market isn’t big enough to warrant this sort of effort.  All I see there is the occasional message on the OOC or Trade channels pointing to gold selling sites, but their days may come.