EVEMon 1.1.6 Released

1.1.6 has actually been out for a few days, but I could not get it to log into EVE until today.  That was apparently an issue on the CCP side that has since been resolved.

-Various issues related to sorting and moving plans and skills have been resolved
-Some concerns with XML-based characters have been resolved
-Plan window multiple selection issues resolved

-Revelations skill update. Ships and items not yet updated. See “known issues”
-G15 support continues to be both under active development AND highly experimental – Use at your own risk
-EVEMon can now get your character portrait directly from your EVE installation
-Users can now select verbose or sms-friendly email alerts
-The IGB mini-server can now operate on any port and may be accessed from other computers
-The skill browser searches descriptions and titles now
-Plans can now be changed within the plan window itself

Known Issues:
-The suggestion engine may still suggest basic learning skills to level V before it suggests advanced learning.
-Revelations ships and items are missing until the CCP datadump.

You can find EVE-Mon here.

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