The Chessboard – Then and Now

The next in the comparison series.  Usually I try to get both places at the same time of day, but I always think of the EverQuest chessboard with that eerie glow it has at night in Butcherblock. 


eq1chessboard03.jpg     eq1chessboard02.jpg     eq1chessboard01.jpg

 EverQuest II

eq2chessboard01.jpg     eq2chessboard02.jpg

You can see the big chair in the first EQ2 shot.  That seems to get a mention whenever anybody talks about the chessboard in Echoes of Faydwer.

I am also experimenting with a different way to host files. now allow you to buy more space on your site, up to 10GB, so I want to see how locally stored, versus hosted, files perform.

1 thought on “The Chessboard – Then and Now

  1. Ohgr

    Very Cool, man! It’s been so long since I’ve been to the old BB Chessboard in EQ1 I had completely forgot about the chair. But then… I came into EQ1 between Ykesha and LDoN, so most of my long timer friends would have caught that. (i still get the “you don’t know how easy you had it” conversations from them from time to time.)

    if you ever find yourself on Najena server, look me up!

    62 Templar – Najena Server


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