A Bad Podcast Morning

Monday morning. 

That usually means bad traffic and fresh podcasts during my commute.

Not this Monday.

VirginWorlds: The #1 on my list for Monday morning, was not out yet.

Fear the Boot: Also not available this morning.

Massively Online Gamer #43: I listened to it last night.  If it had been a good show I might have listened to it again, but something about episode #43 just wasn’t working for me, so I did not even make it to Jethro Thule part III.

WoW Podcast #8: I figured this might be interesting after the roundtable discussion in show #7. 

And it was interesting, in an abstract sort of way. 

Broken Egg Media fired all the old hosts and brought in somebody new. 

That seemed to be a very odd strategy to follow, considering that the founders of BEM spoke on the podcast about how WoW Podcast was the #1 ranked  podcast on iTunes. (In the MMO, WoW, or Gaming related category I assume.)

They actually said that the former hosts wanted to spend more time playing the game.  This is, of course, classic corporate speak for “we asked them to leave.”

So they introduced a new host, Laike, who may or may not be a very capable podcast host.  She did not get to say much. 

They also announced that they need two more hosts.  Do you want to host a WoW podcast?  You can head to their site and put in an application.  There is a link on the main page.

A really cynical person might take the big WoW gold selling ad on their page as a sign of how things played out.  I am certainly not *that* cynical. 

On the flip side of all of this, the traffic into work was surprisingly light, which was good, since I nearly had to turn on the damn radio.

6 thoughts on “A Bad Podcast Morning

  1. brent

    I’ve heard the behind the scenes on the WoW Podcast story and it isn’t pretty. I probably shouldn’t spread the drama by saying more. You aren’t too far off the mark though.

    Sorry about the tardiness this week, sir. VirginWorlds 43 should arrive in time for your morning commute on Tuesday. Brenden and I ran a rather long show this week. Hopefully I can get it all polished up tonight.


  2. Adam, AKA Morgardin

    As the “ex” Host and original producer of the WoWPodcast, I can say we didn’t leave on the best of terms. We wanted more creative input and/or direction as to how the show was developed. That wasn’t possible under the current work enviroment with Broken Eggs. So, we decided to go our own way. A new podcast by Remy, Joel and myself is currently in the works. Expect a new episode within the next 2 weeks while we get everything re-established. Thanks for the support, we appreciate all the criticism, good and bad!

    Adam, AKA Morgardin,
    Orginal Lead Producer/Creator



  3. Pingback: The Maelstrom

  4. Joel aka Noxveritas

    Woah… thats so weird… That post from The Maelstrom is a news post from our new super-secret-I-just-finished-it-last-night-website… Not sure how it got over here… but anyway. Ill go ahead and break a tiny bit of news here. The new podcast from Adam Joel and Remy will be called The Maelstrom and will be hosted at http://www.themaelstrompodcast.com . Im glad you enjoy the show and we hope to give you more news and chuckles for your morning drive in the near future.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Heh, you probably have some sort of “ping/trackback” notification setting switched on and, of course, I have my own site set to show those, so our software colluded to post that.

    I Look forward to the first episode!


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