Daily Archives: December 17, 2006

Commonlands Reloaded

EverQuest recently announced that the Commonlands graphics update went in with the last big patch. In addition to the graphics update, the two Commonlands zones have been merged into a single zone.

The updated graphics look really good. The real shame is that very few people will see the update. While I was taking these screenshots I saw only a single player character.

Looking towards Freeport. Here I have a comparison shot with the old graphics.

Here is the first set of buildings in the zone.  The trees are greatly improved.  They do not look like they are cardboard cut-outs from a grade school production any more.

Here is the updated version of the bigger building that sits deeper in the zone.  I have the graphics turned all the way up, so I see all the foliage.  There are even butterflies flitting about in the day time.

The Commonlands tunnel where, if you played pre-Bazaar, you know used to be the location of the ad-hoc bazaar.

The undead tower.  It even has some bats flying around the pinnacle.

A cutthroat camp.  The fire looks much better than before.

An orc camp at the far end of the zone.

Unfortunately I kept forgetting that, in EverQuest, the dash key on the keypad is the screen shot key, not the Print Screen key, so I missed a few locations.  I will have to go back again.