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Scarlet Monastery – Round 2

We did some work on Thursday night to get ourselves levelled up to the point where we could grab the quest in Desolace that leads into Scarlet Monastery. That got everybody up to at least level 34, so our lineup for the night was:

34 Priest – Skronk
34 Warlock – Bungholio
34 Rogue – Blintz
34 Warrior – Earlthecat
35 Mage – Ula

We were still on the low end of the scale, but most of us were at least two level up on where we were last week.

I also had time to trim back my addons so that I did not any more alerts from the application.


We had a couple of problems getting to Scarlet Monastery this time. Skronk made it up there okay, but when I ran up, I passed a little too close to the Deathguard that stands near the intersection which leads to the Monastery. I had used my sprint recently, so there was no getting away. I got clobbered.

While I was running back to my corpse in ghost form, Bungholio strayed too close to the very same Deathguard. He lived, but only because his voidwalker, Mezzmon, threw himself on the Deathguard while Bung ran along. This got Bung flagged PvP of course.

Once Bung, Skronk, and I were at the meeting stone, we summoned Earl and Ula and began to spell up. Skronk and Ula both buffed up Bung about 20 seconds before his PvP flag dropped, so they ended up flagged PvP.

Just as we were all ready an Orc named Raigore, a level 56 warrior according to WarcraftRealms.com, wandered up. He, of course, killed Skronk and Ula. And, just as in-character, he then camped the corpses for 10 minutes until we came up with a plan to get past him and into the instance. Of course, during the 10 minutes Raigore was as obnoxious as one would expect, taunting us and jumping into the middle of a fight with a Scarlet Monastery guard in hopes of getting hit so he could kill more of us.

Eventually we got past him and he went on to make somebody else miserable. This experience pretty much reflects what I experienced when I tried a PvP server: Constant griefing of lower levels. But that’s what PvP is all about, right? That and arenas!

The Armory

This time around we thought we would try the Armory section of Scarlet Monastery. And we did pretty well. There were some tough fights getting though the place, and we faced a few adds, but we managed to work our way through to the big boss, Herod.

Herod. Here we were in over our head. The fights to get to him were hard fought, but he was the topper.

He is level 40. He has a lot of hit points. He hits hard. He has some serious special attacks.

Our first run at him was a wipe. Earl, Mezzmon, and I got in close while the casters stayed back to nuke. We knew in advance about Herod’s special attack, whirlwind. He even announces when it is coming by shouting “Blades of Light!” We were not quite up on all that it implied. The average hit on me for whirlwind was 344 points. While I knew to get back when the shout came, I still ended up taking at least one hit from him. Earl and Mezzmon stayed in close and took a lot of damage while the casters kept nuking.

This was the wrong approach. Earl and Mezzmon went down and then we all started looking for nice spots to die. You cannot run too far either, as when you engage Herod, a group of four elites spawns up the hall from his chamber. We assumed that this was to keep you from kiting Herod all over the armory.

Once we were all dead the ressed up, we made a new plan. It was noted that no spells landed on Herod when he is in his whirlwind attack. So the first item for the new plan was for the casters to hold off while Herod was spinning The second thing about Herod’s attack is that he is stationary when he does it. The tank can fall back as well, limiting damage to himself.

So we buffed up, Bung summoned an imp for casting damage to replace Mezzmon, and we started after Herod again.

We did better this time, but we still did not get him below 80% health before we fell apart and started dying again. With no soul stone this time, we had to release and run back to the armory.

If there had not been a repop, we might have tried Herod again, but the zone was filling up, so we opted for another path.

The Library

We needed to kill Houndmaster Loksey again for the quest “In the Name of the Light,” so we started into the Library again. The mobs in the Library are lower level than the armory, so we progressed quickly to Loksey and killed him for the quest update. This time he was nice enough to drop his Dog Whistle, which Bung won in the roll.

It was still only a little after midnight Pacific time at this point, so we decided to press on to Aranist Doan to see if he would drop any more tasty caster gear.

We did get a little bit sloppy in the library and managed to get ourselves into a fight with 8 or so mobs. They overwhelmed us, so we had our third wipe of the evening. This one was bad though, we could have avoided it with more care.

Still, Skronk had a soul stone, and soon we were all ress’d up and ready to go again. With a bit more care we proceeded through the library and made it to Doan.

The Doan fight was pretty safe and he went down without incident. He was nice enough to drop the Hypnotic Blade again this week, which I ended up with. I know that it is a caster’s dagger, but it was also 8 DPS better than my off hand weapon and 4 DPS better than my main hand weapon, so I wanted it for the damage. Making up for last week’s omission, here is our group picture over the defeated Arcanist Doan.

The death of Doan

After Doan we recalled back home and called it a night. We still have to work on a couple more levels for people before the armory is a sure thing. At least the experience was good and we all ended up a level higher.

So more work for the Armory and, after that, The Cathedral.

Next Week: Called off due to holiday travel. But we will try to find some time during the week between Christmas and New Years.