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Ro’s Flame

Blintz chose a deity in EverQuest II.  Like so much in life, this was more of an impulse decision than a train of reason and logic.

I was running around in Butcherblock, exploring and harvesting a bit, when I ran across the Prophet of Solusek Ro.  He is up at the top of the cliffs that overlook the bay and docks in Butcherblock.

I had heard a bit on the EQ2-Daily podcast about the deity quests and the powers that you get by aligning with certain gods, and I had wanted to really research them and figure out what was best for Blintz.  But then the prophet of Ro said “fire.”

Heh heh… heh heh… fire! fire! fire!

Fire is cool.  Let’s go with fire!

So I signed right up!

The quest is called “Ro’s Flame.”

The first thing the prophet has you do is run around and set things on fire… erm… run around and light some beacons.

Now, they all seemed to be lit when I got to them, but I guess I added my own little spark to the flames, and it was all in the name of a good cause right?  I guess I should have read up a little bit on Ro before hand.  I know he had an EverQuest expansion named after him, so he must be cool.

So you have to go to these five beacons in different parts of the world.  And you have to do them in order.  At least they are ordered in a relatively efficient manner.  


The first one is easy.  It is right there in front of you.  Right click, light, and you’re done.


The second one involves a bit of travel.  At least I am a fae, so the first thing I did was jump off the cliff and start gliding in the direction of the dock.  Gliding is the #1 reason you should make a fae. 

I took the ship to Nektulos Forest, which I will talk about in a bit, and ran through to the Commonlands.

Once there, you have to run up to Lucan’s Mount, which is that tower-like rock in the northwest part of the Commonlands, surrounded by water.  Back in the day there used to be a mob up there who would throw you off the top if he caught you, which was always a pain when you were trying to do the JBoots run.  Now there are just a bunch of mid-teen triple arrow up mobs roaming around in the water below.

So up to the top, light the beacon (which is somewhat grail shaped), jump off, and glide over the water back to dry land.  Did I mention how fun fae gliding is?

I took a side trip to the Crossroads to pick up the Orc Mastery book and made a new discovery:  Freeport guards have gone from being polite bouncers to bloodthirsty enforcers of the will of the Overlord.  Okay, it has been 11 months since I have really played, but when did this happen?  And, because the respawn tent is in the Crossroads compound with a guard stationed about 10 feet away, I had to die again before I figured out that I had better go into stealth immediately, then scout around.

Fortunately the guards in the area do not see invisible and I was able to grab the book “Orc Society” from behind the shield in the tower at the Crossroads.  I then skulked away, ran to the griffon station, flew to the Nektulos Forest station, veered south to grab the bush from the druid ring in the Commonlands, and headed then towards Nektulos Forest.

Nektulos Forest

The third beacon is in Nektulos Forest.  But what happened to all the owlbears?  The place used to be covered with them.  And those firey bat things as well.  Now the place has wolves, spiders, and some rather normal looking, non-aggro bats who are quite clearly not on fire in any way. 

Nektulos forest used to be a hazard through which to travel.  An absolute terror to those my level.  Now, however, the roads are clear.  Even N’Mar’s ascent, where the next beacon is, seems to have been cleared of skeletons as part of the refurbishment plan.

The beacon is actually along the steps near the top.  I missed it running up to the top and spent a bit of time trying to find it.  I did luck out in that I spotted a griffon egg, so I ran over, got the quest from the griffon station, harvested the egg, then finished the quest. So I got to fly back to the docks, which made my trip much quicker, but which meant I did not get to jump off of N’Mar’s ascent.  Oh well, I will get to jump off when I do the jboots run.

Thundering Steppes

The fourth beacon is here,  right next to the entrance to Varsoon’s.  Running over there at level 22 is a bit of a challenge, especially if it is after dark and you haven’t done the bridge keep quest, but pathfinding, stealth, and a long history in the zone got me through.


The fifth and final beacon.  Running through Antonica is no big problem.  I remembered to grab the Gnoll Mastery book from the Keep of the Gnollslayers since I was in the area. The beacon itself is outside of Firemyst Gully, which is between Blackburrow and Archer’s Wood.  About as easy as they get.

Wrapping Up The Quest

After you light the last of the already lit beacons you have to head back to the prophet of Ro.  I recalled and ran through Butcherblock to get to him.  He gave me a reading assignment.  You have to read a book in one of its three locations in the world.  One is in Freeport, one is in Qeynos, and one is in the Oracle Tower outside.  I chose the Oracle Tower based on travel time. 

I suppose, in hindsight, I could have gone into Qeynos then used the bell to get back to Thundering Steppes to take the return boat, but I didn’t.  So I took the boat, ran to the tower, read the book at the top of the tower, got the quest update, then did some side quests, picked up the quest for the Dwarven Work Boots, and generally mucked about in Antonica until the timer ran down on “Call or Kelethin.”  Then I recalled, ran through Butcherblock back to the prophet.

The prophet gave me some experience, handed me an altar for my home, and set my deity flag.

So now my deity is Solusek Ro.  I even have an alter now.  But where is my fire?  I was promised fire!

I better read up on this.