Daily Archives: December 21, 2006

Misunderstood Headline of the Day

I saw this headline in the Yahoo! news:

Blizzard Shuts Down Denver Airport

and my first thought was, “First all my addons go with the 2.0.1 patch, and now this?!?!”

You Look Fae-bulous!

One nifty little feature in EverQuest II is the ability to spend a little bit of cash to change the way your character looks.  I first noticed this feature in Qeynos when I saw an NPC with the title “Barber.”  He takes your money and enables you to make changes to your appearance.

I am told that, in Freeport, there is an NPC with the same title, though once you have chosen an ogre, no number of trips to the barber are going to help.

In Kelethin however, the equivalent NPC I have seen has the title “Hairdresser.”

So, what are they trying to say about the fae?