PowerColor Radeon x1950 AGP Review

AGP users rejoice!

Firing Squad has a review up of the PowerColor Radeon x1950 AGP video card. 

This is it.  This may be the last AGP video card I need to purchase.

You can find the review here.

12 thoughts on “PowerColor Radeon x1950 AGP Review

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yes, that is one sizable cooling system, but the review says it is as quiet and effective as it is large, and in my big Alienware case I have the space.


  2. Deniticus

    Still smaller and quieter than the 12″ AC powered fan unit I have pointed at my open case cooling my 6800s…


  3. Mordacain

    You can review the differences between the 7900GT against the 1950 PCI-E variant and obtain comparable results. The results will be pretty much the same though…the 1950 leads by a few frames on most titles, while the nVidia hardware stomps on the OpenGL-specific titles based on the Doom3 engine. The 1950 holds its largest lead in Oblivion, which pretty much all nVidia Dx9 HW performs poorly in. They obviously fixed this flaw with the DX10 series.


  4. The Drake

    I almost am ashamed to ask this question, but I will – I’m very interested in this card, but my MB only has a 4X AGP slot. From what I’ve read, I might be able to run the X1950 AGP on my MB, but I’m not sure. Any idea?


  5. The Drake

    Hi Wilhelm, and thanks.

    Right, I saw that, but a couple of places I saw that either 8x or 4x is required. For example, from the PowerColor manual I looked at online (ftp://driver1.cptech.com.tw/manual/746-0000000091.pdf)said on page 1, under System requirements:

    Hardware (AGP) • Intel® Pentium® 4/Celeron™, AMD® Athlon® or
    compatible with AGP 8X (0.8V) or 4X (1.5V) sloto.

    And yes, that’s the typo from the pdf (“sloto”).

    So, you can understand my confusion. If you ended up with the Sapphire, would you mind checking in the user’s manual? I can’t find one to download online.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The Sapphire manual wasn’t much help, but their web site has a spec sheet for all of their cards, and it says that the x1950 does supports 4x or 8x bus.


  7. The Drake

    Thanks! I’ve sent a couple of emails (to Sapphire and PowerColor) to ask them is the X1950 AGP will work with a 4X slot, and I’ll see what they say. I’d love it if they did (thus allowing me to prolong the life of my computer), but I’m still a tad hesitant.

    Thanks again.


  8. The Drake

    Hey Wilhelm,

    Just thought I’d let you know I got this email from Sapphire:

    Yes this card can work at 4x AGP, but you will see some loss in performance. Also you need a good quality 500 watt PSU.

    Sapphire Technology
    English Speaking European Technical Support

    Thanks for your help. Now I just have to wait for my tax return so I can get this puppy!


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