Daily Archives: December 23, 2006

Falling Off The Faydwer Wagon

I had a plan for my fae.  Really, I did.

I was going to stick to the Echoes of Faydwer content.  I was going to spend my time enjoying the new zones.  It was going to be like playing a new game.

But then I ran over to Antonica to get my harvesting skills up.

Just for an hour or two.  No big deal.

Then I had to run over there to light a beacon for the “Ro’s Flame” deity quest.  Just passing through, nothing to see here.  I am just lighting that last beacon then I am going to recall.

Then I had to run back again, to the Oracle tower, for the last leg of “Ro’s Flame.”  While I was waiting around for the cool down on my recall, I thought I would start on “These Boot Were Made For….”  It is a heritage quest and our guild is 28 and would like to get to 30, so why not.

While I was at it, I picked up the Gnoll Mastery book.  There are lots of gnolls I could knock off in Antonica.  And bears.  There are a couple of “kill bear” quests I recall.  Then I thought about the armor quests that start in Qeynos Harbor.  I could do the first one quickly, so why not.  I would get a better set of gloves.  And once I did that, a better set of bracers.

On and on this went, until I had about 25 Antonica related quests in my journal.  So once I finished up “Ro’s Flame” I had to decide what to do next.  I could keep working in Faydwer, or I could just wrap up these Antonica quests to, you know, clean up my journal.

Well, most of my Faydwer quests were yellow to me at the moment, so I decided I could use another level to get lined up to finish them.

Then they went and made green quests eligible for AA experience.

Soon I realized I had done the last three levels in or about Antonica, and rather quickly.  I know my way around.  I know where the NPCs are.  I know which quests I can combine to get a couple done at a time. It is nice to be running around Antonica again.  And, finally, since I have been playing EQ2 solo a lot again, I’m not really dragging anybody out of Faydwer with me.

At least those Faydwer quests will still be worth AA experience if they turn green.