Falling Off The Faydwer Wagon

I had a plan for my fae.  Really, I did.

I was going to stick to the Echoes of Faydwer content.  I was going to spend my time enjoying the new zones.  It was going to be like playing a new game.

But then I ran over to Antonica to get my harvesting skills up.

Just for an hour or two.  No big deal.

Then I had to run over there to light a beacon for the “Ro’s Flame” deity quest.  Just passing through, nothing to see here.  I am just lighting that last beacon then I am going to recall.

Then I had to run back again, to the Oracle tower, for the last leg of “Ro’s Flame.”  While I was waiting around for the cool down on my recall, I thought I would start on “These Boot Were Made For….”  It is a heritage quest and our guild is 28 and would like to get to 30, so why not.

While I was at it, I picked up the Gnoll Mastery book.  There are lots of gnolls I could knock off in Antonica.  And bears.  There are a couple of “kill bear” quests I recall.  Then I thought about the armor quests that start in Qeynos Harbor.  I could do the first one quickly, so why not.  I would get a better set of gloves.  And once I did that, a better set of bracers.

On and on this went, until I had about 25 Antonica related quests in my journal.  So once I finished up “Ro’s Flame” I had to decide what to do next.  I could keep working in Faydwer, or I could just wrap up these Antonica quests to, you know, clean up my journal.

Well, most of my Faydwer quests were yellow to me at the moment, so I decided I could use another level to get lined up to finish them.

Then they went and made green quests eligible for AA experience.

Soon I realized I had done the last three levels in or about Antonica, and rather quickly.  I know my way around.  I know where the NPCs are.  I know which quests I can combine to get a couple done at a time. It is nice to be running around Antonica again.  And, finally, since I have been playing EQ2 solo a lot again, I’m not really dragging anybody out of Faydwer with me.

At least those Faydwer quests will still be worth AA experience if they turn green.

2 thoughts on “Falling Off The Faydwer Wagon

  1. Razakius

    They made the green quests worth AA? crap.

    I know the feeling you are having though. When I started my Fae, I didn’t really want to revisit all the old hunting grounds, I Had done them to death. However, while the quests in EoF are great, after about 17 or 18 there doesn’t seem to be as many quests and it becomes difficult to not just grind. So I almost feel forced into going to Antonica, which I do go to the old worlds quite a bit now and return to EoF every few levels to do the new stuff. I guess some new stuff is better than none.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yes, after writing this I did run back to Faydwer and hit a series of the Irontoe quests in Butcherblock. But you are right, it isn’t nearly as “quest rich” as the old zones and I was hitting one of those points where the quests were just a bit too tough to be fun.

    The green quests are worth a little AA now. Not a ton, but enough for me to feel better about levelling and having a bunch of quests suddenly turn green on me.


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