Frostfell Excitement!

We are hosting Christmas Eve at our house this year, as we do every year.  Part of my job every year is to keep my daughter out of the way so my wife can work her magic.

To occupy my daughter, who will turn five at the end of the month, I thought we might explore the Frostfell fun in EverQuest II.

As I expected, my daughter was excited about the whole Frostfell Wonderland Village.  We ran around and looked at things, picked up presents, ran over the rainbows, threw snowballs, and admired the big tree.

But the excitement went up a few notches when she saw a flying reindeer with a red nose.  “Rudolph!” she screamed.  Here he is:


Seeing this was almost too much.  We had to chase him all around Wonderland Village.  I actually wanted to harvest enough stuff to make the fireplace for my home, but there was no swaying her.  We did get close a few times as you can see, but we never caught him.


Then we saw something to distract from even Rudolph.

If that scene isn’t already on the side of a van, it should be.  Yes, we had to follow the unicorn for a while.

Here is the unicorn a little closer.  The rainbow/unicorn mixture in the zone is too perfect.


The greatest disappointment for my daughter was that we could not ride the unicorn.  She had been admiring my horse before we went in zone, so it was a natural jump to assume I could ride the unicorn as well.  Fortunately I did not have to get into the whole area of unicorn lore and exactly who gets to ride them.  She seemed to accept that it just would not let me.

So running around Frostfell Wonderland Village kept us occupied all the way to bed time and really put some Christmas excitement into her.  She had to run out and tell mommy all about what we saw before she would get into bed.  I am sure she will be dreaming of Rudolph, unicorns, and rainbows, which all make for happy dreams.

5 thoughts on “Frostfell Excitement!

  1. Ohgr

    Great screenshots! It’s funny you mention your daughter inquiring on riding the Unicorns, as my girlfriend asked the same thing the first time she zoned into the Frostfell Winterland!

    Maybe someone should /feedback that…

    Anyhow, happy holidays!


  2. brent

    I’d show this to my daughter, but she’s probably just chuck a Little People pirate at the screen and say “Baaaa!”

    (16 months.)

    Maybe in a few years.


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