Daily Archives: December 25, 2006

The Chessboard – The Undead King

While back (after finishing up my Santa related work) in Faydwer and running through some of the Irontoe quests with Blintz, I popped out of the mines at the Chessboard.

Standing there I saw a mob I had not seen in my previous passes, The Undead King.


Unfortunately, for Blintz, the Chessboard is a bit too high level at the moment, so I just snapped a few screen shots then headed back into the mines.  Here is a bigger shot of his location on the Chessboard.  It also shows the giant chair much more clearly than my previously posted shots of the Chessboard.

So does anybody know the story behind the king?  Is he special, or did I just miss him the last couple of times?