Podcast Digg-mania

Roughly a week ago there was a sudden burst of requests from several podcasts to which I listen to please go to Digg.com and select them in the new Digg podcast area.  Being very much the partisan for theses podcasts, I went out right away, created a Digg account, and, as they say on the site, “dugg” them all.

So now, about a week later, I was interested to see how the four shows I clicked on were doing as far as their Digg ratings went.  In order of popularity:

Fear the Boot – 33 Diggs

Massively Online Gamer – 32 Diggs

Virgin Worlds – 27 Diggs

EQ2-Daily – 21 Diggs

This is a rather disappointing set of results. 

I realize that only a subset of listeners to a given podcast ever see these requests in the forums, and that a subset of those listeners actually act on the request, but these numbers seem very small all the same, especially for EQ2-Daily, which got a boost on the EverQuest II forums with a post by Brenlo.

By way of comparison, The Instance, which is probably the gold standard for an MMO related podcast, has over 400 Diggs.

Even the World of Warcraft Podcast from Rotten Eggs Media, which only has 9 real episodes and changed hosts after episode 7, has 65 Diggs.

So, if you have the time and energy to create a Digg account, do so, and then click on the links to the shows above and digg them.

And while you are there, Digg GuildCast as well.

6 thoughts on “Podcast Digg-mania

  1. Todd_MOG

    Woot!! Thanks Wilhelm! Unfortunately the MOG guys are all pre-recorded for the last two weeks of the year and DIgg decided to add this feature right after we went on vacation :(

    I added a “please digg us” thread to the MOG site but the majority of our listeners don’t come to the site… Thanks for putting the word out and helping the cause!!

    Producer, Massively Online Gamer


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Wow! Now if I could get one of the Fear the Boot hosts and either Shawn or Lady Sinaea to post a comment, I will have collected the whole set!

    Glad that you got some air time (and recognition) on the last Virgin Worlds podcast Todd. The video work is excellent, but so behind the scenes that unless somebody hits the MOG forums they are unlikely to know who you are.


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