Daily Archives: December 28, 2006

Purple Horns?

Another MMO related story I read in the print media then had to go find on the web. (We get Time, BusinessWeek, NewsWeek, and AviationWeek at our house… and those are just the weekly magazines.)

I love posting these sorts of stories because, well, I have a reputation as an instigator of trouble and this is the sort of haphazard media coverage of the gaming world that makes gamer blood boil.

From last week’s Newsweek magazine, read “Embedded In Azeroth.”  It is mercifully short. 

I hope they had somebody to take over the character this guy was handed when he bailed on their Molten Core raid when dinner was ready!

One Three Three Seven

If you have played online games for a while, you have probably seen somebody use “Leet” in chat.  Of course the name of the dialect is usually written in the dialect itself, where it is commonly represented by the numbers one, three, three, and seven.


“Leet” has been around for quite a while, and while the people I know and play with regularly do not use the dialect except in occasional parody, we do, as a group, seem to like to slip the number 1337 into things just for fun.  I personally chuckle whenever I see that number come up anywhere.

So I got a laugh while doing a quest in Butcherblock when I saw this:

1337 Axes! Haxors!

I am sure somebody got a chuckle putting it in the quest as well.