Daily Archives: December 30, 2006

30-30 Fae

Actually, at the time of this writing, Blintz is a 30 Swashbuckler and a 33 Armorer, but for a point in time he was level 30 in both adventure and trade skills.

I was determined to use the holiday experience bonus to get Blintz to 30 and to get his armor crafting skill high enough to equip himself for the road to 40.  I have hit one and I am going to grind hard until I hit the other tonight.

Blintz actually hit 30 just as his adventure experience vitality ran out, which was pretty good timing.

I did have to send my level 47 paladin out to harvest for Blintz.  He gathered up two stacks of feyiron and a stack of tussah for Blintz, but no etched leather.  I forgot that I had not worked on his trapping skill in the past, so was a bit annoyed when I got him out to Zek and found I could not gather any leather.  Still, I was out there and of all the items on the broker, etched leather pelts seemed the most reasonable.

I did get Blintz back on the Faydwer wagon for quests and experience, though I ended up splitting his time between there and Nektulos Forest.

I have always liked Nek Forest, even when it was such a hazard to travel through.  Actually, probably because it was such a hazard to travel through.  Unlike the Thundering Steppes, where they had to add some aggros around the zone, Nek killed the unwary dead on day one.

But, even in its current, less deadly configuration, it is fun.  There are lots of quests to work with, including my favorite quest series with the dark elves on the beach.  I ran through a lot of that, started on the Shining Brass Halberd quest, and did a bunch of side quests as well.  Compared to Faydwer, the older zones are almost obscenely quest rich.

I have yet another character past level 30, so now I have to fight the temptation to create another alt.  I have this fascination for what a fae berserker might be like.