Daily Archives: December 31, 2006

December in Review

The Site

I seem to be settling down into a style of writing where I end up with one of a few different types of entries:

Even Reporting: We hit Scarlet Monestary.  I hit level 30.  I did “Ro’s Flame.”

Things I Find Amusing: Anything from the number 1337 to bad articles in Newsweek qualify.

Picture posts:  Screen shots, especially the “Then and Now” series.

Hey Lookie: Posts that point to other things of interest.

Actual Commentary: Pretty rare.  Something of the engineer in me makes it easy to describe things but difficult to make judgments unless I have no information at all or all possible information.

And speaking of comments, thank you for all of the great comments this month.  Getting some feedback makes a big difference and motivates me to write more.

New Linking Sites

A big thanks to the sites I found that put me on their links list over the last month:

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I removed EVE-Mon and the x1950 review posts from the list since they contain little in the way of actual content.  They would actually top the list if they were included.

The “Five Features” post actually generated a list of topics I want to write about in the upcoming year.

EVE Online

I spent almost no time playing EVE in December.  I logged in to keep my skill training going, but did not run a single mission.  I made up my mind to cancel my account and then found out that a co-worker of mine also plays.  I was giving a presentation with my laptop and at the end, when I was packing up, he noticed the EVE-Online icon on my desktop.  Still, while my admiration for the game is still high, my enthusiasm for actually playing it is ebbing away.  However, I still have until February 9th to decide on cancellation as I did not follow Zubon’s advice.


I promised to go back and get to level 20 in Crescent Reach, didn’t I?  I haven’t actually decided against that, but I have been playing other games so much that I have not invested any time in accomplishing it either.  I still have Station Access, so it is still an option.  All I really did in EQ in December was run around and take some screen shots.

EverQuest II

I have been playing a lot of EQ2.  In fact, I have been playing EQ2 almost to the exclusion of all other games.  There is something about it that is satisfying to play, even solo.  I always feel like I have so many choices about what to do.

Solo has been the operative word most of the month.  The two guild mates who returned to EQ2 in October are already back raiding in WoW.  Still, people have commitments and such for the holiday’s and the end of the year, so I hope to see a few more people I know in game come January.

World of Warcraft

Instance nights were interrupted a little by the holidays, but they continue to roll along.  Our levels are building up so we can finally get past Scarlet Monastery.  Still, going back in there several times has yielded some good equipment drops.

Coming up in January

More of the same no doubt.  I am saving my “2006 in Review” entry for a few more days, mostly because I find writing a bit more challenging at home rather than while I eat my lunch at work.  I also want to start looking more seriously at the MMOs that will be coming out in 2007 to decide what I absolutely have to play on the day of release, what I may play eventually, and what I will probably skip.