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Can You Run Vanguard?

I spotted a new blog this morning, Vanguard Helpful Information, and the first post is:

Can You Run Vanguard?

Care to find out?  You now know where to go!

Getting My Dwarven Work Boots

I figured that now, with Bloodtalon out of the way, I could jet through the rest of the heritage quest and earn some status for myself and the guild along with some adventure and AA experience.

I ran off and got the Blackburrow ale for Hwal then went off to face his grandfather’s ghost.  How hard could it be?

The problem with having played EQ2 early on is that many of my perceptions are now wrong.  For example, the ghostly grandad, a level 25 triple up heroic named mob was, at one point, a complete walk over solo for somebody level 31.  My ranger ate him alive… erm, I guess he is undead, so ate him however… when he was level 31.

Now though, things have been tweaked so that mobs are a bit tougher.  My first go and gramps ended with me fleeing the scene when I got down to two bubbles of health to his three.  Still, I could see that I wasn’t that far off the mark.  I just needed a little boost.

One of the things I get to “buy” with my “favor” for being an adherent to Solusek Ro is “Servent of Flame,” a 10 minute flame pet.  I had not tried this out before, so I thought this might be the opportunity.

The pet itself is pretty nice, a flying flame imp of some sort, your own level, and a caster of all sorts of flaming fun.  And why shouldn’t a fae have a flaming pet? (Totally not gay.)

So I made my second run at Hwal’s gran pappy.  This time it was a very near run thing.  I was up by half a bubble when he got a good crit in on me.  We were both at the one pixel mark for health and one good attack from me or my flaming pet and we would have prevailed, but he got lucky again and I fell dead.

The fight was close enough to be encouraging.  The problem was that there is a one hour cool down on summoning your 10 minute flaming pet.  By the time I got back to the Tower of Vhalen, I had another 50 minutes to wait before I could get another fun fun fire pet.

So I took a chance on OOC.  People are always doing this quest.  Somebody out there must need this step.

Nobody did.  Somebody did offer to help.  Maelstorm, a level 34 fae fury who I had just seen talking to Hwal, was doing the quest, but he was back on the Bloodtalon/Caveroot step.

With his help Hwal’s grandfather went down in nothing flat.  He went off to get his update in Blackburrow while I went to update the quest with Hwal.

After that, we met at Stormhold where Caveroot was nice enough to spawn in about 2 minutes.  Then we headed out to the Thundering Steppes.

Back to Bloodtalon.

I was a little worried that he might be a bit much for us, but we started the “it flies it dies” routine, knocking off giants when the skies were clear (and getting my quest update!). 

Then the majestic griffon spawned.  Here was the test.  Bloodtalon, in my opinion, is, at most, only marginally tougher than his placeholder.  So into battle we went, and down went the majestic griffon.  I knew we were good now.

We had to go through another round of the majestic griffon (I forgot to set my timer right away, but the respawn time was more than 10 minutes but less than 20.) before we got the named bird-beast himself, the big BT, Bloodtalon.

He was a little tougher, but my hit points never got below three bubbles, and he went down.

While Maelstorm flew off to get the quest update and do the next segment, I added an ogre to the group who was hunting for the antelope hide, and we slaughtered that huge herd that roams Thundering Steppes and got the update. 

I trotted over to Minty Frostbeard, updated the quest, then headed back to the Tower of Vhalen where I met up with Maelstorm and we finished up the evening with the battle we started with.

Again, another fine pick up group.  It was nice to see what a force multiplier having a fury and a swashbuckler together ended up being.  Damage plus more damage, plus buffs, plus healing.  It worked out nice.

I had to head to bed at that point, but in the morning, before heading off to work, I ran back to Minty, got the quest update, then ran back to Hwal for the last time and turned it in.

Experience: 6%
Guild Experience 3% (getting to 30 is going to be a pain)
AA Experience: 16%

And, of course, I got these, which are better than my tier 3 feyiron chain boots:

The Chain and Plate version

Not bad over all.  I now have to get back to work on some of the other heritage quests.  Return the Light is in my quest book and already grey.  Maybe it is time to go hunt for Rama’nai.

Scott Hartsman and the Next EverQuest II Expansion

Back on December 6th I posted an entry regarding my thoughts on the next EverQuest II expansion.  You can go back and see what I wrote here.

So it was with great interest and self-satisfaction that I read Scott Hartsman’s EverQuest II producer’s letter that came out on December 15th.  The key part of the letter for me was the following:

As for the farther future, it’s way too early to talk about our next expansion, but there are some themes that we tried out in Echoes that will most definitely be continued. You have spoken, and you like a lot of what’s there.

* A whole lot less zoning.
* Big, interesting areas to adventure in.
* Finding out what’s happened to the places you care about the most in the last 500 years.
* New and interesting races.
* Nostalgia. Finding out what specific, interesting personalities have been up to.
* Sense of familiarity without knowing what’s exactly where, everywhere.
* Strongly themed dungeons with quests.

Unfortunately, I’ve been a bit too busy to crow about comment on the letter up to this point.  The holiday season is a bear… okay, I wanted to play more than I wanted to write.

I am going to pat myself on the back (a little) for hitting on most of the same points (I will argue that I hit on all but “strongly themed dungeons”) and restate my prediction that Kunark, or the remains thereof, will be the location of the next EverQuest II expansion.

Now they had better give me more character slots for these new and interesting races!