Scott Hartsman and the Next EverQuest II Expansion

Back on December 6th I posted an entry regarding my thoughts on the next EverQuest II expansion.  You can go back and see what I wrote here.

So it was with great interest and self-satisfaction that I read Scott Hartsman’s EverQuest II producer’s letter that came out on December 15th.  The key part of the letter for me was the following:

As for the farther future, it’s way too early to talk about our next expansion, but there are some themes that we tried out in Echoes that will most definitely be continued. You have spoken, and you like a lot of what’s there.

* A whole lot less zoning.
* Big, interesting areas to adventure in.
* Finding out what’s happened to the places you care about the most in the last 500 years.
* New and interesting races.
* Nostalgia. Finding out what specific, interesting personalities have been up to.
* Sense of familiarity without knowing what’s exactly where, everywhere.
* Strongly themed dungeons with quests.

Unfortunately, I’ve been a bit too busy to crow about comment on the letter up to this point.  The holiday season is a bear… okay, I wanted to play more than I wanted to write.

I am going to pat myself on the back (a little) for hitting on most of the same points (I will argue that I hit on all but “strongly themed dungeons”) and restate my prediction that Kunark, or the remains thereof, will be the location of the next EverQuest II expansion.

Now they had better give me more character slots for these new and interesting races!

2 thoughts on “Scott Hartsman and the Next EverQuest II Expansion

  1. Adele Caelia

    Yeah the expansions just keep getting better! Less zoning = good! Yay! I imagine that the next race will be something evil, and so I shouldn’t have to worry about the character slots too much. Although I did have to delete one of my alts for my fae, so that kind of sucked.


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